Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Silent Shadows Across the Road"

Today was sent wrapping up and boxing the paintings for my Nov. show at M Gallery in Charleston, SC.
I didn't even finish it all, but my studio looks a whole lot cleaner and emptier without those 20 paintings. I can almost see one part of the floor all the way up the wall. It was getting crowded in there. Since I recycle my packing materials there are a few less big boxes in the way too.

Tonight I'll be signing and titling the backs of all of the mini paintings. I'm also painting out the sides of the panels black so they will look real nice if you float mount them in a frame. That is what I suggest so you can see every little bit of the painting. I'll explain all of that later in a post. I'll also email all of that info the people who purchased minis.

Since there are no mini paintings for today I'll post another of my favorites for the show.

"Silent Shadows Across the Road" 24x30" oil on canvas, Frank Gardner © 2010
$3,600. Framed. Available at M Gallery, Charleston, SC


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

This is beautiful Frank! Love the burrito as always.. and that path where they are in it's so calm and intriguing too.

I've missed your blog! :o)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I've been enjoying your little mini's very much but this is just stunning. Like every good painting it tells its own story....great colour :-D

Anonymous said...

just wonderful shadows, light, composition. great work!

Colin Page said...

You are the man. Beautiful light. Great painting. You are posting some real nice stuff lately. Looking forward to hanging out in a few weeks.