Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. 14th mini paintings - Bicentennial Collection

Felt like I was in a good groove painting today, no frustrations.
Really tried to keep the brushwork loose and simple. Just the important stuff.
One of the things I am enjoying about this challenge to paint as many mini paintings as I can this month is that it is keeping me moving. Forcing me to move on and not overwork.

"Rosario and his Horses" 6x6" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

"Descanso" 6x6" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

"Hidalgo" 7x5" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

To purchase any of these mini paintings, email me: frank at frankgardner.com
The first email in my box stating intent to purchase a painting by title gets it. Please write preferred method of payment: personal check or by Paypal. I will return your email with instructions and where to mail a check or send you a payment request through Paypal.
I will return the other emails advising that the desired painting has been sold.

Shipping from México to the US costs $35. USD via FedEx. You may ship several in one package for the $35.


georgiegirl said...

Frank these are terrific~ i particularly like 'Rosario and his horses' ~ love the composition and the brushstrokes. Hope you do more of these as this one is already sold! : D

Susan Roux said...

These are great! I love the directness of your brushstroke. Its so fresh and exciting to look at.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Amazing production Frank...wow!
It's really pouring out of you. Really wonderful work!!!!!


Lynn Lancaster said...

I agree with the other comments. The simplicity of your brushstrokes is overwhelming. You capture the anatomy of a horse with so few strokes. Even the people's faces have emotion, even though you can't see any detail. Great work

Unknown said...

I love these scenes Frank, very special you have a wonderful handling of paint.

Caroline Peña Bray said...

'Rosario and his Horses' is great, there's something in his hat that I love. Great brushtrokes, expessive yet structured, fabulous.

Victor Errington said...

All brilliant Frank. My favourite, all three. All the best.