Monday, September 20, 2010

Sept. 20th mini paintings - Bicentennial Collection

"Colores del Campo" ( Colors of the Countryside) is a real loose one. I'd like to try and get this look in a 30x40.

The second is a horse named Tornado. I worked two sessions on it to get the look I was after.

I'll try and paint at least one mini tomorrow, but I'll mostly be working on paintings for the M Gallery show. It's my last week for getting things ready for that show.

"Colores del Campo" 5x7" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

"Tornado de Noche" 6x6" oil on linen panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

To purchase any of these mini paintings, email me: frank at
The first email in my box stating intent to purchase a painting by title gets it. Please write preferred method of payment: personal check or by Paypal. I will return your email with instructions and where to mail a check or send you a payment request through Paypal.
I will return the other emails advising that the desired painting has been sold.

Shipping from México to the US costs $35. USD via FedEx. You may ship several in one package for the $35.


Anonymous said...

With your talent you should be able to do 4 paintings a day like marc hanson. Why do you need a month?

Marc R. Hanson said...

Frank you're doing an amazing job!

I'm not quite sure what the 'Anonymous' comment is about. I took a month last time and am taking a month this time???

I found out this month that two Aprils ago I was a very lucky dude to be able to paint for 30 days and not have an interruption stop my progress. This month has been full of them.

I've had everything from a wedding to attend, an illness, a family medical emergency, a personal medical situation, weather, a workshop and other obligations that all caused me to miss nights of painting.

Anyone who thinks that it's an easy thing to do, to paint every single day without interruption, is not a painter.

Good work Frank. I look forward to your work every time one shows up!!!

Nancy Everett said...

Such beautiful paintings! I love your loose brushstrokes and use of color! Fabulous.

Frank Gardner said...

I could do 4 or more if I didn't have so much other painting going on right now. It's not really about how many you can do in a day, but to push yourself to work quickly and explore many ideas. A month is a good amount of time to start to break free of some old habits and routines. This project celebrates the Mexican Bicentennial and the whole month of Sept. is traditionally celebrated as the month of patriotism (roughly translated).

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Marc. A challenge like this is beneficial in so many ways as far as development artistically. Can't wait to share notes on what we have learned this month.

Frank Gardner said...

Thank you Nancy.

Bill Sharp said...

Frank, every one of these minis is a killer. The fact that you're doing them in your 'spare time' while preparing for a show is just crazy. You are obviously not just cranking out paintings. These are thoughtfully conceived and beautifully executed.