Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6th mini painting

Just one for now, spent a big part of the day at the gallery taking care of business. If I paint something tonight I'll put it up with tomorrow's paintings.

Tried to not do excessive blending on this one. Put it on and leave it alone.

"Canelo", 6x6" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

To purchase any of these mini paintings, email me: frank at
The first email in my box stating intent to purchase a painting by title gets it. Please write preferred method of payment: personal check or by Paypal. I will return your email with instructions and where to mail a check or send you a payment request through Paypal.
I will return the other emails advising that the desired painting has been sold.

Shipping from México to the US costs $35. USD via FedEx. You may ship several in one package for the $35.


Marian Fortunati said...

Egad... every time I go on to your blog, the paintings I like have already sold.
No one has even commented on this one yet....
Lucky buyers!!! This one's another gem!

Unknown said...

Another wonderful painting. Look forward daily to see what's next.

Robin Mullen said...

I have another group arriving the first part of October that I know would love to have first dibs on your paintings. I know I would.
They are great!
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

delightful work, such a play on paint!

Lynn Lancaster said...

I really like the loose brush work. Do you use photo's to stop the action or do you try to capture the movement while in progress. Either way, your paintings are great

Frank Gardner said...

This one DID get snapped up rather quickly. He was waiting for the post.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Kelley.

Hi Robin, Thanks for following along. I'm leaving town around the 30th. I'll email you again when I get a chance.

Thanks Rahina.

Lynn, thanks, yes, I have been using my reference photos for these so far. Only way to get most of these. I painted this burro on the spot last summer and he moved around quite a lot. This is from a photo from that day.