Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept 28th mini paintings - Bicentennial Collection

Muchas Gracias to everyone for their support and encouragement on these.

Today is the LAST day of the mini painting challenge celebrating the Mexican Bicentennial.
I have two today. Wish I had time for more, as I know there are still people trying to get these.

Eventually I will have some free time to make a blog post or two on my thoughts about doing this mini painting challenge.
One thing is that it's tiring getting the paintings done, photographing and posting them each day.
I wish that I could have dedicated all of my time this month to painting these, but there were just too many other commitments this month. Did the best I could.

Will ship most of the dry ones tomorrow. Thursday I leave on a paint trip for a few weeks. I'll see if I can post a few pictures of the gang painting. The wet paintings will need to be shipped when I get back in October. I'll let everyone know if their paintings were shipped tomorrow or not.

Don't forget that there will be an opening reception at Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, MA on Sat. Oct 16th, 5-7pm.
It will be a select group of paintings from our trip and a lot of the artists will be present. Stay tuned for more info on how the trip is going and any other related events.

Also, the M Gallery show in Charleston on Nov. 5th, is now a One Person Show. Please tell all of your friends about that one as it is my first introduction to the Charleston art scene. I hope it goes well.

"Walking to Town" 5x7" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

"Busy Road" 5x7" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Unframed $110. USD + shipping

To purchase any of these mini paintings, email me: frank at frankgardner.com
The first email in my box stating intent to purchase a painting by title gets it. Please write preferred method of payment: personal check or by Paypal. I will return your email with instructions and where to mail a check or send you a payment request through Paypal.
I will return the other emails advising that the desired painting has been sold.

Shipping from México to the US costs $35. USD via FedEx. You may ship several in one package for the $35.


Lynn Lancaster said...

Your ninis are special. The looseness and strokes are very good. The touches of color brighten up spaces. The overall feeling of the paintings are very good. Also, how did you end up in Mexico

Steven W. Dunn said...

Hi Frank
These minis are such fine little "jewels"!
I first discovered your work when walking the streets of San Miguel. I too have wondered how you have chosen this location.
I study your work and thank you for sharing it on the internet.

Marian Fortunati said...

Wow, Frank... Those last to are fabulous too... Just gorgeous!!

Helder FC Vieira said...

Mini paintings big art.
Kind regards

Carol said...

Stunning work Frank !

Randall said...

You did a Bang up job on "Walking to Town" I love the depth you captured in that painting and a low viewpoint like that makes it great also. The figures and the donkey make it even better.