Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28

I have a lot going on in October:

I'll be getting some new stuff together for a group show at Addison Art Gallery called "The Perfect Season". This show offers a glimpse into the more meditative and contemplative moods invoked by autumn on Cape Cod.

“I lingered on, and as the year lengthened into autumn, the beauty and mystery of this earth and outer sea so possessed and held me that I could not go.”
— Henry Beston, The Outermost House

Opening Reception
Saturday, October 29
5:30 to 7:30

There is also the Grand Opening Reception for the RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, TX.

I'm proud to be part of this new gallery that opened last month. Shannon and Thad Hanna have put together a great set of artists. It's been a while since I've shown in Texas, but I have a lot of great collectors there that I am really looking forward to catching up with. We will be heading up to Austin later in Oct. and will be attending Grand Opening on Saturday Oct. 22nd.
If you are in the area I hope you'll try and make it out there for the show. A lot of their artists will be in town and it's sure to be a fun weekend.

I'm also starting work on a few major pieces that I'll be sending up to M Gallery in Charleston, SC. They will be heading into their busy season soon and it's a great time of year to visit Charleston.

I'll keep you posted as new work heads out to these galleries. As always, you can check their web sites or mine to see what is available there.


Susan Roux said...

I'm picking up my art from the Blue Heron Gallery, Wellfleet in mid October. I wish your show would already be up. I'd love to see it. Good luck.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Susan, It's a group show. I'll have a piece or two. There are a few paintings of mine at Addison. Not too many, but I'm not complaining about that. You can always ask them what they have, I'm sure they'd be glad to show you anything that's around.

Page Pearson Railsback said...

Gosh Frank..Just when I discover your blog you are not posting any paintings! I love what you have. I am at a small Gallery in Orleans, the Rowley, I will look at the Addison for your work next time I am up on the Cape

David Lobenberg said...

I haven't visited you in a loonng while, Frank. I detect a vast evolution and improvement in your paintings!