Monday, November 21, 2011

"Dusty Ride" step by step

This is a new 6x6" oil and I wanted to share a few step by step pictures and a brief description. I'm putting together a powerpoint presentation for my workshop in March where I will use lots of these step by step progressions and talk about my thought process in more detail. There are just 3 spots left in that class if you are interested.

In step one I used a limited palette of Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red and white. I was just concerned with getting the drawing accurately sketched in and varied my color and values a bit to suggest the depth of the painting. Everything in this stage is pretty much just the shadow shapes.

In step two I began to introduce a little bit of yellow to the palette. I began to paint the shapes in direct light, and continued to adjust some reflected light and local colors in the shadow shapes.

Step three is the finished painting. The reference pic had a bright blue sky, but I went with a dusty pink to accentuate the color harmony and effect that I wanted. There are a few spots of slightly stronger color in just a few areas. I let a little of that green tone
of the board show through in the final piece. I think it is a nice subtle compliment to the reddish pinks and goes well with the "rough" look I was after.

"Dusty Ride" 6x6" oil on board
Frank Gardner © 2011
$475. framed available at Randy Higbee Gallery

This pieces is part of the 6" Squared Show at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. The reception is Dec. 3rd if you are in the area. All of the work is available for pre sale.

I have 6 other pieces in the show that I will post soon.


Randy Saffle said...

Great to see the steps. Keep em' coming.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Randy. Glad you like seeing the progress shots.

Marian Fortunati said...

I love the tutorial, Frank. I know from experience that your students will learn so very very much.

Wish I could join you this year again. You taught me so much.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Marian. Would have loved to have you down for the workshop again this year. said...

I was good to see the steps. The very first step of drawing would have been nice to view as well. The final came out great and your choice of sky I think really added to the composition.

Dean H. said...

An excellent step by step, Frank! Thanks!