Monday, November 19, 2007

"Last in Line"

"Last in Line", 14" x 18" oil on linen, 2007
Private Collection

This is a new painting that I just took down to the gallery. I call it "Last in Line" because of the little lamb. It seems like the little guys are always last in line when the animals are out.
I have decided to start adding my prices to the artwork that I post if it is still available. I think that I will change my web site to show prices as well. Any thoughts on this?


Ambera said...

The colours in this one really strike a chord with me, I find them absolutely beautiful.
I like the idea of putting prices up: it sends a message that they're available. I think it makes them desirable. (Not that they aren't already!)

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Ambera. I'm glad that you like it. Those are the fall colors here in central Mexico. September and October is when there are lots of wild flowers everywhere. And thanks for you opinion on putting the prices on the blog and web site.