Saturday, November 24, 2007

American Artist Workshop Article

The Winter issue of American Artist Workshop magazine, on sale Dec. 11th, will feature an article by Molly Siple about a recent plein air workshop of mine here in Mexico. The article, titled "Frank Gardner: Using a Premixed Palette", will focus on a three day class that I taught in February of 2007.
I teach the benefits of using a limited palette of colors to keep color mixing simple. One of the methods that I use is to have the students start a small 6" x 8" painting by premixing on their palette 7 to 9 colors that will represent the main masses of light and shadow in the painting.
I will be posting more about the article as well as some additional workshop information on my blog soon.


Mike said...

Hey! Good on ya, Mate! Articles are always good for notariety! Congrats!

The tagging is done. It took some thought! Thanks for doing this, Frank! If interested, come by and have a look.

FCP said...

What a treat--I look forward to reading the article, and really enjoy your work.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Mike! Very good choices. Thanks for taking the time to pass that on.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment Faye. It is always nice to see someone new. I hope to hear from you again.

Ambera said...

Sounds like a good idea, I always tend to over complicate my palette. I sure wish I could get down there for a workshop!