Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 10th - mini series paintings

"Goat" 5x7" oil on board. Frank Gardner © 2011
$475. Framed

"Home from the Market" 6x6" oil on board. Frank Gardner © 2011

This third one I started last month as a sketch for "Serene Provincetown" 16x12" that is available at Addison Art Gallery. I kind of abandoned it once I had my design and started the larger piece. Finished it up today.

"Sketch for Serene Provincetown" 6x6" oil on board. Frank Gardner © 2011


Daniel Corey said...

Great pieces Frank! The goat is my favorite.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Dan, I like that one a lot too.

Anonymous said...

These are fab! Love 'em :-D

Dean H. said...

Love these small "sketches", Frank! I've been away too long!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Terry and Dean. Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comments.

Barbara said...

WOW! I'm a little behind on FB, but let me tell you this painting is AWESOME... I absolutely love the light - you mastered this one... Beautiful Frank!