Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Light from Above"

"Light from Above", 11" x 14" oil on linen, 2007
Private Collection

I did not get to paint much today, but this is a new painting that I just finished up. It is a studio piece based on an 8x10 plein air painting.
I don't often feature the sky in my landscapes, but the sky on this particular afternoon was extra special so I gave it center stage and two thirds of my composition.
I paint this view often, there is something about it that attracts me. There is a slightly elevated spot where I can look down onto the fields a bit as they spread out in front of me toward those trees. There is a brick maker's place over there and always some animals, but that was not the focus of this painting. I'll post some other paintings of this spot on another day.
I like this one a lot.
What do you think?


Unknown said...

I really love this one, the composition is strong and I love the slight impasto in the clouds. How long did it take you to do this? Was this done entirely outside or was it finished in studio?

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Eric. This one took a few hours to paint in the studio. I had the smaller 8x10 that I did on location
(in about an hour and a half) to work from and a photo that was really not much help. I should post the sketch along with this so you can see the changes. If I get a chance this evening I'll add that.

Ambera said...

I love seeing your attention to the sky, Frank! The sky can have so much effect on the mood of a landscape, this one looks so peaceful... I also admire the green in this one, very bold and bright, it looks great in contrast to the sky!

Frank Gardner said...

It was a very peaceful afternoon Ambera. Gllad that it works for you. Thanks for your feedback. Always appreciated.

Mike said...

Nice work on this one, Frank. I am discovering that painting foregrounds of flat fields is no easy task. The textures and colors all have to play . . .good job on this one. Like Ambera says . . . nice and peaceful.


Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Mike!

Anonymous said...

I guess I was saving this one for a rainy day, here. Fall came suddenly - in one hour it went from July to October, ten days ago, and it is cold and dreary too soon, especially after an very, very late-coming spring and this painting of light is perfect for today.
You were SO KIND to set up postings while you're away on your Maine trip. PATIENCE -perfect, including, though I almost feel irreverent saying it, witty. That's a beautiful painting, and a beautiful title.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Solveg. Fall is coming up here in New England too.