Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Xotolar (Shotolar)

I didn't get any painting done today, I went riding with a friend. So, I thought that I would share some photos of where we went. Things are pretty dry at this time of year. The Mesquite and Huizache trees will be blooming soon and in the summer all of this will be green.

We started out pretty high up. San Miguel is across the lake at the top left.

Then we dropped down into this canyon. It is real steep and pretty rocky.

Once we made it down there was some room to ride a little faster. That is Felix, they are his horses. This one is a little blurry because we were galloping.

We came out on the bottom side of the canyon.

Had to stop and get a cerveza in this little town before the ride back up on another path. I really love all of these rock walls that are all over in this part of Mexico.

After the ride, Canguro needed a little dust bath I guess.
I'll try and get some painting done tomorrow.


J Matt Miller said...

That is incredible country! Really enjoyed your site. Keep it up!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm impressed that you can take a picture while riding a galloping horse! Also, how the heck hot was it? Check out my blog Not Really A Cleaning Lady for my trip to Coba last October. I love Mexico, but the humidity kills me.

Frank Gardner said...

J Matt, thanks for visiting. It IS incredibly beautiful here.
You do great work. I have added a link to your blog. For anyone who is not familiar with J Matt's paintings give him a visit.

Frank Gardner said...

Mary, it was about 85 I guess. I saw your post on Coba on one of my previous visits to you blogs. It is never that humid here. We are at 6,500 feet in town and higher where this was. Humidity really saps my energy too.
As far as the picture, I have a cannon EOS Rebel Xt and it shoots pretty fast pictures. That was the only one that was not too blurry or an an angle. You only need one hand to ride a horse.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like an adventurous ride.
I scrolled down to look at your wonderful paintings which capture the landscape beautifully.
Yes, I do see some similarities to Morocco.
The rather arrid, dusty landscape.
My husband, Robert Schmid is a painter too.
All best wishes

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Frank- Great photos... and horses, too?? Now I'm REALLY jealous! :-)

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the visit. I guess the landscape is kind of similar in those ways. I was thinking more of the colorful markets, street food, light, etc.. It must be a treat for the senses living there.
I'll check out your husband's paintings.

Frank Gardner said...

It was a great ride Jennifer and hard to pick just a few photos to demonstrate what it is like. Thanks for commenting.

Unknown said...

Nice to see the photos, Frank. I think it's so cool that you ride around Mexico on a horse painting landscapes.

Frank Gardner said...

I'm glad that you liked the photos Eric. I wouldn't say that I am riding around Mexico on a horse painting, but it sounds good.
I am going to go back up to the canyon and paint a few, so stay tuned for those.

Ambera said...

Ok. I was envious before, with your lovely weather and beautiful scenery. Now you post an entry about your horseback ride?! I'm green, Frank, green with envy. It's no wonder your paintings are so beautiful, your surroundings are amazing.

Frank Gardner said...

I'm sorry, I did not mean for that to happen. I just wanted to share a bit of happiness and show all what it is like here.
I hope that your bumps and bruises are feeling better.
Don't worry, I am getting a post together on my frustrating painting of the week if that will make you feel better.