Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fundraiser for Volunteer Fire and Rescue in San Miguel de Allende

"Bomberos" 5x7 Frank Gardner ©2012 SOLD
$475. Framed and 100% is donation for the volunteer Fire Dept.

I painted this as a donation to a fundraiser at my gallery. We are raising money for the Fire and Rescue of San Miguel de Allende.
This piece is still available and I will pay shipping to the US.

Our fundraiser was last night and despite the rain, lots of people came out to show their support. There was a sock monkey tree, with a whole clan of handmade sock monkeys by our friend Ruth. There was a sculpture donated by a local artist Terra Mezwa. And the featured event was our "Hearts on Fire" project where we ask 20 local artists and other people to decorate a heart shaped nicho that I provided. We had a great assortment of nichos, many with Valentine or Fireman themes. The ones that are left will be on display at the gallery until they are all sold and 100% of the proceeds are for the Bomberos ( Fire Dept.) Our whole family was there helping out and the old International Fire Truck in this painting was parked out front. Sold lots of Valentine's cookies, brownies and meringues too.

Here are a few pics of the nichos. Maybe I can post more. We decided to go with "suggested donations" instead of a silent auction because of the rainy weather etc.. some are still available. We will be purchasing things from the "wish list" of the firemen and hope to deliver the donations next week some time. We are over $2,000. Dollars now and still have some work to do to grow our total by the end of this week.

We are also taking donations via Paypal from out of town friends.

Entrance wall of the gallery with the sock monkey tree and some of the nichos

One of the favorite pieces of the night. Nicho by Alfredo, co-owner of Camino Silvestre, the awesome store across the street and my favorite store in San Miguel.

"Mariachi Loco Quiere Bailar" nicho by Ruth Rauh. Pull the string and he dances.

"My Heart's on Fire" one of my nichos

One of our friends that braved the rain in the afternoon to come show support. Well, braved is not the best word. He and his brother enjoyed playing in the rain on the fire truck and putting on all the gear. They actually geared up with boots pants, coats and helmets.

Nicho by Lee Carter, owner of Colors, a great store up the street from our gallery.

Will shoot more pics of the other nichos and posts some more in a day or two. Some of these are still available, so contact me if interested.

"Amore Eterno" nicho by our daughter Erin ( age 8)

Was real busy, so did not get many shots of when it was hopping in there.


Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

You are a incredible artist, inspiring. Thank you for sharing your fantastic blog. Greetings from Australia.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

really nice. You kept the values down, properly to show the red. Love it;

Bill Sharp said...

That truck was a great excuse to indulge in red. Beautifully done. Congratulations on the successful fundraiser