Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Line Starts Here.

I guess there is a line forming for the book. If all goes well it will be available in a few weeks.
Dan Corey seems to be first in line. Thanks Dan.

I was going to post a different video for Friday Fun this week, but this one seems appropriate.
Here are the first two episodes of this seven part short film, "The Line".
I like to imagine that the line for my book will look something like this....

Episode 2

If you'd like to keep watching you can find the other episodes easily on YouTube.
Just type in "The Line" in the search box.

I should give credit to . That is where this film originally came from.


Daniel Corey said...

The countdown and the third guy that doesn't get the prepared group speech right are my favorite parts! 500,459,458,.... thanks for showing me these Frank, I have laugh tears welling up just thinking of the countdown music. I gotta go see the rest of these.

Frank Gardner said...

You can also see them all on
there is some interesting comedy over there.

Alicia Padrón said...

Hey, I'm second in line then, yay!
I'm dying to buy your book amigo.

Now, have to go put kids to bed. Watch my spot... and don't dare start with the 559 thing....! My eyes are on you, you hear me?! ;o)

Frank Gardner said...

Sorry Ali, Solveg is 2 and Jack is 3. 4 is open I guess.
3.27, 3.26, 3.25....
If you watched the other episodes you'll know how to deal with kids while on line.
3.00, 2.59, 2.58...

Billy Guffey said...

Hey Frank, I'm wondering if the five minute rule works for your workshops also. I have to say though, if I left and went to Mexico for one of your workshops by myself, my wife would be bringing my junk to me.

Alicia Padrón said...

Oh man... see? This is not fair. The line doesn't start here then.. it started in the previous post! That I missed because I've been in bed with an awful cold and fever as my friend Solveg knows (right Solveg?)

But that's ok, I don't mind. 4 is a good spot for me. I'll bring my laptop too plus coffee, chocolate, books, watercolor pad, watercolor, paintbrushes, pillow, blankets, board games, sudoku, spanish tortilla, french bread, wine, and my camera. Oh, and some doritos to eat with sandwiches. Those I can share with you Dan ;o)

So... as you can see, I' m pretty much set. :op

Solvay said...

Oh, this is a funny set of comments!
Yes, I can vouch for Alicia! She can have my spot! But, didn't Bonnie claim spot #2 before I said I was staying home in my slippers and ordering online while the rest of them sat in line?

But, if Alicia is going to be there, maybe I'll join the line, and not just the online line.....she tells good stories.

: )

Daniel Corey said...

Hey Alicia, Thanks for the doritos! and I hope you feel better soon. If somebody wants to challenge me to a game of Frank Gardner Trivia for my spot in line you can, but you must have the "Moon Dagger".........!...

Anonymous said...

Solveg- the astute!
That's correct- I did. And Frank passed right by me like an old chopped liver sandwich.
I'm glad you're watching my back.

I believe this is going to cost Frank some sort of eloquent, personalized inscription on the inside cover page.

Frank Gardner said...

Workshops have a three minute rule Bill. But San MIguel is very partner friendly. She would have to come along.
You may need the bag of collectibles later though.

Frank Gardner said...

I know you were sick Ali.
Sounds like you'll be well prepared.

Frank Gardner said...

Solveg is right, Bonnie had the number two spot. Sorry Bonnie.
I am going to have to hang out in my own line with all of you fun people.

Frank Gardner said...

FG Trivia, now THAT should be interesting.

And Bonnie, I'm sorry.
You'll be able to order the books direct from blurb Bonnie. I suppose I'll have a couple here at the gallery, but then shipping is expensive.
Maybe I'll work out something like Alicia's cover plate idea that I can email people.

I'll have to think about that.

Anonymous said...

Now I don't want to have you or Alicia peeved- you know it's all in great fun ( ok and a little obsessiveness in getting your book ).