Friday, December 19, 2008

I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Well, it is the Holidays Season.
Here is our absolute favorite Christmas song around our house.

I left this at a smaller size so you could be sure to see Tracey dancing. If you click on that little yellow box on the bottom right it will go full screen.


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

LOL! I love SNL, really miss those guys on the show!

Barbara Pask said...

Thanks for sharing Frank. I am a big fan too, especially the old ones. Made me smile

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hahaha! That was great! I can see why you'd be singing that all day long! :-D

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Christine, weren't these guys playing at your Christmas party? I thought I saw snowmen dancing.

and I can't find my keys.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Barb. Merry Christmas!
aw c'mon, just a smile? I know you were doing that Tracey dance or some Horacio air guitar. Maybe a Chris Kattan head shake or something.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jennifer. Is it snowing yet?
Yeah, singing it all day long and dancing.
I liked your Christmas song too.

Gotta get me one of those sweaters.

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

oh yes, i was very lucky to get them to play at my open studio.
but...hmmmm.....snowmen...dancing...really? oh my...i think it's time you hand over that bottle of tequila. i should probably get dan to drive you home.

Daniel Corey said...

I'm in no shape to drive, but I'm down for the Sweater Idea, Maybe Colin will get one and we could compete with Jeremy's videos!hahaha see I'm in no shape to drive.

Elizabeth said...

This is such fun - and was new to me.
Now we have to dig out Adam Sandler's Hannukah (spelling ?) song which is pretty festive and silly too.
Merry Christmas from snowy New York.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I know the Adam Sandler song. Funny.
Merry Christmas.

Frank Gardner said...

Christine... I could have sworn I saw those snowmen somewhere at you party.

Dan, we'll just walk.

Ambera said...

Haha! Jimmy Fallon always looks like he's having a hard time not cracking up!

Solvay said...

How ironic - I just added that very song to my playlist TODAY!!!


sleigh me.

Tracey dancing was the way-funniest. By far. And his deadpan face. By far.

Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

I love how Tracey's dance kind of morphs as the song goes on!

Solvay said...

maybe that humor was a little too dry for words on a white background, no facial expression or even paint.

but, really, Tracey dancing was WAY funny. and it DID sleigh me.
: )

how he could do that over and over and not break his expression - I laughed so hard at that...........

still am, 24 hours later...

happy almost Christmas.

It is REALLY SNOWING A LOT here today. all day. all night. pretty fun!

but, I'd STILL rather be in Mexico.

Hope you're having a great time with the family!

I'm looking forward to a PAINTING. January on your blog will be CHRISTMAS to ME!!!!
: )

no pressure, though..........I'm old enough to have learned to enjoy the wait.

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

I absolutely love Saturday Night Live, I still have my Mr. Bill pen (oh nooooooo).

That was a good laugh, I have to get back to painting now.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Ambera. Yeah, Jimmy looks like he is about to lose it. I can't believe that Tracey can keep such a straight face.

Hi Solveg. Sleigh me... Good one.

Hi Logan. Love that dance too. Dont know what I like more, the hand moves or the face. Both I guess.

The humor is fine Solveg.
I guess you guys got hit pretty hard with the snow up there. Sorry.
White Christmas at least.

Oh nooooo, Mr. Bill. I love Mr. Bill Rhonda.
Thanks for stopping by.