Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I had a little time to kill between basting of the turkey so I thought I would put up a little painting that I did a few months ago.
The sun is shining strong, so we will probably have our feast outside today.
Just thought that I would mention that.
I am thinking of all of you, and am thankful to have you all as friends.

"Horse and Reflections", 6" x 8" oil on board, Frank Gardner © 2008
Private Collection


Daniel Corey said...

NORM! (should I explain that?) anyway, I am also Thankful for all of you here and even the people I don't directly chat with (yet)(but I'll get to you). Happy Thanksgiving.

Frank Gardner said...

Hey Dan, pull up a bar stool. Want some snacks?

Bill Sharp said...

Nice one, Frank, that sun feels good.

According to my online translator:
Día de Acción de Gracias feliz, todo el mundo

(I hope that wasn't some kind of insult :) )

Anonymous said...

I love this painting. I love that I can see the horse reflection, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Solvay said...

Well, I hate to correct Dan, but I think you would be SAM MALONE, not Norm. And, I'm fine with the Cheers thing as long as no one ever refers to me as Diane. OR as whatshername who replaced her - she started out fine, but deteriorated in a big hurry.

Noted: you eating outside. Look at Marc Hanson's first Happy Thanksgiving painting and you'll get a picture of what it looks like here............brrrrrrr. and dreeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

I thought you'd have roast rooster or burro..........

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Expat.
I'm hugely grateful for your blog version of Cheers. You have brought a LOT of cheer to my life since I happened upon you back whenever that was.....thanks for letting me sidle up to the bar.


Frank Gardner said...

Asi es Bill. Thanks.
If you mean to the whole world it is right. If you mean to everybody it's just "a todos"

Thanks for stopping by.

Frank Gardner said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Paz.
I bet you cooked up something delicious today.

Frank Gardner said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Solveg.

I am not a big Cheers fan, so maybe Dan has another show.

Oh, and we ended up eating inside because it was easier, if that makes you all feel better. It was a beautiful day here though. Sunny and warm.

Turkeys and ham and all the other standards.

Bill Sharp said...

Yes, definitely to the whole world.

Daniel Corey said...

Ola, sorry Frank no room for snacks Yes my call of "Norm" was in general, and yea you would have to be Sam, its your Bar. I've put on a few lbs, especialy since the Thanks giving meal so I could take Norm if there are no other takers, but honestly I feel like a Cliff. I was wondering if you include any local dishes in your Thanksgiving meal or if you just do traditional U.S. ?

Anonymous said...

You've attracted and kept lots of loyal followers to your blog, your art and your convivial spirit.

That's one more thing on the Thanksgiving list of what to be grateful for.

( and being able to eat outside)

I like this painting Frank- the geometry of subject and focal points- shadow and sun- it all works so well.

Frank Gardner said...

Traditional US Thanksgiving fare Dan. The beer was Mexican though.

Hi Bonnie, your right. I have a LONG list.
We ended up eating inside anyway to be closer to the kitchen.

Ed Terpening said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Frank! Eating that meal outside sounds wonderufl. I need to visit San Miguel de Allende. I've heard so many great things about it. Just back from Casa Cosmos, in Puerto Vallarta, so thinking about my next trip to Mexico.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Ed. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
My sister in law was just over in PV last week and said the weather was perfect.
Yeah, you should visit San Miguel some time.

Sylvia Jenstad said...

beautiful... just beautiful...

Holly Van Hart said...


Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.

I'm in continued awe of your brushwork, including in "Horse and Reflections". Amazing.


Frank Gardner said...

Thanks a lot Silvia.

Hi Holly. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hope you had a good one, Frank! Ah-- eating outside... love it! :-)

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jennifer. You too.
We had lots of good food and I am finally getting over being too full so I am picking at the leftover pie that's in the fridge.