Saturday, November 8, 2008

A plein air video by Jeremy Lipking and Tony Pro

I recently posted about painting in the rain while we were up in Maine.
My friend Jeremy Lipking and his buddy Tony Pro have a video they have done about a recent plein air painting adventure.
You can check it out here.
Then go to Jeremy's blog and tell him it's time to put up a new post on his blog.

Thanks everyone for asking Jeremy to post something new. He posted today, so you don't need to ask him any more.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!
The genyouine Magnificent Seven soundtrack!!!! and Jerry Lee Lewis to boot! Hail, thunder, way-fun percussion track to go with the video!

jeremy's blog doesn't accept anonymous comments, so i couldn't tell him you said to post a new post....but I tried.
: )

thank you!

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

That was so funny--what an adventure! I'm a fair weather painter.

I think they could go into filmmaking on the side.


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

too funny! where do thy find the time! i would have been gone first sign of mosquitos.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

hahaha, LOL! this is awesome! Love the Marlboro music very appropriate, it takes "macho music" to get though those awful mosquitoes, rain and hail!

Aw.. too much fun. Thanks for that! :o)

Anonymous said...

The only deterrents missing from their adventure seems to be warts and locusts!

This was such a hoot- the music, the titles, and the spirit of determination to have fun while suffering more mosquitos than I could tolerate behind full body netting.

What fun.

Perhaps next time, they'd add a can of Cutters' to the supplies.

Anonymous said...

He really does need to post more often. I've been trying to figure out why Jeremy's so lazy...

I don't know what those guys were complaining about. That scenery is so nice the paintings practically paint themselves. But they do need to go to Eric's blog and learn about umbrellas!!!

In all seriousness, it is too bad they had to stop early, because their paintings looked like great starts. It really is hard to handle paint with all of that water getting on the canvas and palette. Good for them for toughing it out for a while.

mike rooney studios said...

got that EasyL umbrella you touted. youre right it Rocks! it used to take me ten minutes to drive stakes in the ground for my 'stand alone' beach umbrella. now i just tighten the clamp to the tripod. done in ten seconds. thanks for the recommendation.
video by lipking was classic. thanks for telling us about it.

Frank Gardner said...

Glad you enjoyed it Solveg.

Hi Rhonda, yeah, they really stuck it out. Those mosquitos would have had be swatting. They seemed pretty calm through that part.
Tony made Jeremy's Portrait video.

Hi Christine. Good video, huh?

Hi Alicia, The music they selected worked well didn't it.

Hi Bonnie, I could not have dealt with all those mosquitos either. Would have had to whip out my DDT.

Colin, yeah, must be lazy. The scenery here is like that, it paints itself. I just lay out the canvas and take a siesta. When I wake up the thing is done.
I could handle the water, it's the mosquitos in my paint that would piss me off.

Glad you like the umbrella Mike. Jeremy and Tony could have used one of those. Would have just attracted the lightning I guess. LOL

Guy Corriero said...

Frank, How's everything? I see you were up my way painting in Port Clyde this Sept. Did you happen to visit Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland? I really enjoyed the video of the two painters in the rain. The blog is fun and informative. I'll visit more often. See you in San Miguel. Looks like around Feb. 10 or so. The Lipking and Tony Pro video was really entertaining and it looks like a great place to paint! Guy Corriero

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Guy, We were in Dowling Walsh for the art walk. Colin shows there. I saw some of your stuff in there.
See you in Feb.