Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day in the Life, of Me

Alicia tagged me with a new meme to describe a typical day of mine. You can see her post here.

Part of what I love about my job is that each day is different. Being my own boss allows me to do whatever I want, usually. Sometimes I take a break from art and work on our house. Sometimes there are a lot of errands to run and I don't get much work done at all. Having a 5 year old is the curve ball. You never know what will happen and change all plans. This is what today looked like. I'll try and spice it up with some photos, because it is really not that exciting.

6:00 AM- Wake up.

6:15 - 7:00 - Put on water for coffee and start up the ol' Powerbook.
Fresh grind coffee beans and while coffee is slowly brewing check emails and catch up on news and a few blogs maybe.
I pour water through my cone coffee filter a little at a time so my coffee is strong enough to stand a paint brush up in it.
A coffee machine lets the water go through too fast, so I don't get the nice strong brew that I love.
This is VERY important. If the coffee is not done right, it could ruin my whole day.

The Elixir

7:00 - 7:45 - Drink the coffee. Make school lunch. Wake up Erin. Get her breakfast ready, and then try and get her to eat it.
Julissa takes Erin to school.

7:45 - 8:30 - Shower, breakfast, answer any new emails, anything else I can squeeze in.

8:30 - This is the variable part. Today I went and visited with some clients.
Usually I walk into town, about two miles, and open the gallery. Sometimes I have someone watching the gallery and I can stay home and paint, go out and paint or take care of other business.

The usual walk into town.

12:00 - Head back into town from my visit to pick Erin up from school.

12:35 - Erin gets out of school. Get hug and kiss. Today she walked to the car backwards.

12:45 - 2:00 PM - Stop in front of the gallery to drop Erin off with Julissa and go park car. Walk to gallery and hang out with the girls. Go with Erin to buy some fish for lunch, then around the corner to the little store to buy a snack.

That is the gallery on the left. The little yellow building next to the blue doors.

2:00 - 4:00 PM - We eat our big meal of the day in the afternoon. Julissa cooks most of the time, I do the meal once in a while. I play with Erin or do other stuff. Skype with my parents every day, usually during or just before our lunch. For those who do not know, Skype is a free video call through the internet.

4:00 - 7:00 PM - This is a variable time too. I either go back to work or try and play with Erin so Julissa can work. Today I download photos from this morning's visit and wrote the rest of this blog post. Erin plays while the parents work.


7:00 - 8:30 or 9:00 PM - Have a light dinner, get bath water ready for Erin. Julissa usually gives her the bath, but I try to once in a while. Maybe some books before bedtime. Kid asleep.

9:00- 11:00 -12:00 AM- Catch up on internet, blogs, watch some t.v. over the top of my laptop. rest.

12:00- 6:00 AM - Sleep. Wake up to yell at dogs for barking. Sleep.

6:00 AM - Start all over.

Now I am supposed to tag a few people to share a day in their lives. I asked Eric yesterday if he wanted to join and he beat me to the post. You can see his post here.
I also asked Elizabeth and she has agreed.
I don't want to bother anyone with more tags, but if any of you want to do it just post me a comment.

Now I'll start working on the post I was going to do for today :)

P.S. ( 5/16/08 ) Mike Rooney has also been tagged and agreed to post a day in his life.


Unknown said...

I can not believe that that's your gallery! Frank, you just have the best life. I love to see how you brew coffee, that's the best way to make a good cup, i think...
Every time I see Erin she makes me smile. ( Julie's starting to show.)
If I were you I'd be so tempted to put my feet up and siesta every day. Sometimes I think I only get any work done because it rains so much here.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Where do I begin? This is wonderful Frank! I loved seeing the gallery, the coffee making procedure he, he.. the town and oh my gosh sweet Erin!..

Your town reminds me to "El Hatillo" a little place within Caracas that has that colonial feel to it. Your gallery is precious... You would love El Hatillo, as its filled with galleries.

What a life you have my friend! Awesome I can almost hear the clock slowing down.. It is amazing that your days are different everyday (I envy that, in a good way of course) I hate routine.. and that's what I pretty much have now.

I totally understand the importance of your elixir, believe me.... Loved the fact that Erin walked backwards to the car today... ha, ha.. that is so 5 year old! Que bella :o)

Thanks soooo much for sharing and doing the meme Frank, I loved seeing your day!

Anonymous said...

hello - I have found your blog via marc hanson's blog - I have SO ENJOYED seeing all your paintings and reading your entries, especially the ones about the palettes!
and, i really enjoyed your "day" entry and pictures.
love S. M. de A. - your paintings capture my experience of its atmosphere (both light and culture) delightfully well!!! loved seeing the street picture with your gallery.
just a random reader, here - but one who really likes your work, and really enjoys reading all the things your write about!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Eric. Life's what you make it. But being here helps a bit I guess.
The only way to get a nice strong cup.
Every time I see Erin I smile too.
LOL, siesta, hard to not be tempted by that. I do like to put my feet up for a few minutes after lunch if I can, but not sleep, just a few minutes, just to relax.
Our best to Julie.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Alicia.
The gallery could use some fresh paint on the outside Alicia, or a good rain to get all the winter's dust off.
Had to throw a pic of Erin in there. She is such a big part of any day around here.
Clock? What clock?
Ahh, the coffee elixir.
...and she walked backwards up a hill to the car.
Thanks for the tag.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Anonymous. Welcome to "My Paint Box".
I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment so I know you were here.
Glad you enjoyed your visit.

Kim said...

hi Frank
I've added your blog here:
101 Top Artists' Blogs - Update 3/05/08
sorry about that ..I don't know what happened..
ps you are blog #29 on the list :)
enjoyed reading about your day too !!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!
I must agree a strong cup of coffee is essential to a good start.
By the way, your little girl is adorable!


Elizabeth said...

I was so interested to get a glimpse into your life!
I loved being introduced to Erin and the gallery.
I'm doing "my day" today and will post tomorrow am.
I had to do HUMAN RIGHTS today which I think are important.
Thanks again for a super post.

rob ijbema said...

hehe,thanks for not tagging me Frank...suppose your day was mostly filled writing this post!
your days not dissimilar from mine
coffee and kids and a bit of painting...

Anonymous said...

Frank- I can see where and how your day influences your painting and conversely, you painting influences your day.
This is such a wonderful introduction into your life. I loved the photo of the street where your gallery is. Ahh the light... Funny, when you hear the term gallery, the first thought might be some slick, modern edifice with all its' character and personality defined by what's inside.
In your case, I mean, what else can you SAY about where that's located except that time stood still.
How fortunate.

I so totally enjoyed this personal viewing and description of your day from the coffee to your daughter, right down to the 6 hours or less of sleep that you seem to be able to exist on ( mostly due to barking dogs and that infusion of light, there it is again !)

I loved this posting and look forward to more original outcroppings from your creative brain.
Thanks Frank!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jennifer. Yeah, I can't do much without a good cup to jump start me.
Thanks for visiting.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Elizabeth. I remember you had asked for some more photos of town, so I was thinking of you when I put those in.
I look forward to seeing a day in your life. We get little glimpses all the time anyway I guess.
Thanks for agreeing to do it.
I'll be sure to check out your human rights post later on.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Rob. Actually, I had thought of tagging you. I know you have kids and was wondering how other artists juggle that and work.
Did not want to lay it on anyone without asking first though, so you escaped.
The post didn't take that long. Getting the photos to upload took longer, LOL.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Bonnie. You are very kind. Thanks.
The gallery, it is not the fanciest building in town, but it works for me. I'll post a pic of the inside one of these days.
Sometimes I get 6 1/2, he he. Not much dog barking last night and we had a gentle rain before bedtime, so with the windows open the smell was soothing. Ah, the little things.

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--sounds like your life is wide open to creativity, so different from the Type A life I lived for so long. But I must say, my transition to the creative life is not as hard as I thought it would be. Barking dogs, crowing roosters and fireworks anytime--they are what make life there so, well, interesting! Erin is so cute--pretty. Thanks for the slice of life.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Frank- Looks like a beautiful life (and I'm with you on the coffee.) Erin is absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you shared. Eric tagged me-- will do it next week. :-)

Ambera said...

Erin is just adorable, Frank. You live in a beautiful place with beautiful people.

mike rooney studios said...

count me in. when you wanna have everybody do it. kinda like that door posting day?
i know what you mean about everyday being different. gotta run and finish THe Soprano's show thats on. work will have to wait! LOL

David Lobenberg said...

I used your method of coffee brewing years ago until I swithed to a french press. My latest is an all metal glass to break. Bye bye filters, hello French press. Your little girl is as cute as a button!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jack.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jennifer. I can't wait to see yours next week.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Ambera.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Mike.
I'd be interested in hearing about a day in your life.
Your tagged if you'd like to post one.
Then tag some others.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi David. I've used a French press, but I don't like drinking all the sediment.

Anonymous said...

Hello - this is "anonymous" again - I've been reading various artist blogs for a few months - - - yours was one of the first three I came upon.
I am so moved by how generous you and your internet friends are with one another. It's just so captivating that I can't stop reading and looking at all the shared art and support of each other.
As an outsider, just happening upon this, I am completely taken up with you all, and the upward sweep you cause to happen in each others' work. It's been so uplifting to see your arena of humanity! Thank you so much!!!
You seem to be a main hub in this arena, so I'm leaving this note with you. Thank you so much for your generous heart.

David Lobenberg said...

Frank: I know what you mean, but a quality french press leaves NO sediment. You have to spend about $40 or more. Again, thanks for the Collins links. His painting style and color palette is superb. You letting us peek at your life was great!

Anonymous said...

Dear Frank,
Thank you for letting us follow your day. I'm with you about the morning Elixir! Couldn't live without it! You have a good life!

Have a creative day!

Anonymous said...

Frank- Bonnie here again- Just to say that " Anonymous" has stated something eloquent and true. There is a very personal and touching quality to your blog and its' readers that makes it so compelling to view.

Aside from your exquisite work, and the enviable place in which you live, it's your generous nod to your readers. You seem to find time, no matter how full your days ( and now we know what they're like ), to respond genuinely and often at great length to every comment.
That's quite unusual.

At the same time, you contribute very supportive information as a painter.

It's no wonder that each of your postings garner so many comments.

You've made lots of friends out here.

mike rooney studios said...

just posted my routine on my blog, painting plein air here at the beach in NC. ive got some photos including my new livingroom/studio and "pleinair mobile" if you want to take a look. it was fun verbalizing the schedule. i cant wait to see others post theirs so i can see how they live as well. thanks for tagging me and letting me in on the fun!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi again, Anonymous. Wow! Those are very kind words. I am humbled by your praise, and on behalf of all my blogging buddies, I thank you.
You made my day.
I am so glad that you enjoy the blog and the discussions that take place here and on some of the others. Thanks for taking the time to comment so that we all know you are there.
When I started this blog last October, I really had no idea what to expect. I just kind of jumped on in.
In my "Welcome to My Blog" sidebar I wrote the following thought. It has really come true.

"On Line" there are no borders, and hopefully connections will be made between people who's paths would otherwise never cross.

Frank Gardner said...

David. I guess I could try an more expensive French press. I just like making it like I do. After that post yesterday, I have had some interesting thoughts on the whole process. One of these days I may post them.

Yeah. Colin's work is real nice. Have you seen his new painting on the latest entry of his journal?

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Constance, great to see you. Thanks for coming by.
One more vote for a good morning elixir! LOL.
You have a great creative day too.
Thanks again.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi again Bonnie. Thanks for your thoughts.
About comments and responding. I think that the conversations that get going sometimes are as interesting, or more, than the original post. It becomes much more of a sharing thing than just me plopping it out there and moving on.
Also, I figure if someone is kind enough to take the time to post a comment, that the least I can do is respond.
I know everyone is busy, but it is kind of awkward sometimes to leave a comment somewhere and never even get some kind of sign that it was even read.
Sometimes I am tired, distracted, or pushed for time, and I don't get much more than a simple "thanks" posted, but I truly appreciate each and every comment that I get.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Mike, I'll add a link to your day in my original post right now and then head over and check it out.

Unknown said...

Hi Frank, Your day sounds wonderful, thanks so much for sharing. You are truly blessed. Erin is beautiful! I visited friends in San Miguel so I know how great it is and I want a cup of your special coffee. :o)

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Chris! I suppose I could make you a cup. Cream and sugar?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and happy-looking girl. I love the walking backwards thing. I gotta do that again. ;-)

What a good day in a good life you have. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Mike said...

39 Comments? Dude! you gotta be the mostest popularist guy on da blogsphere! I just stopped in to say Hi and to learn all about your exctiting daily life. Obviously, life is good!!!

Sounds like you are doin' really well and you are happy! Keep it up!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Paz. Thanks so much.
Yeah, you should do some backwards walking tomorrow.

Frank Gardner said...

Mike, I've REALLY missed you bro.
I was thrilled to see a new painting on your blog yesterday. I hope you won't stay away so long.
Things are good here.
Thanks for dropping by.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Awesome. Such a 5 year old thing to do isn't it?
Isn't that a great comment from the anonymous one and I find the interaction on the blogs to be very uplifting and enjoyable.
You have a great life and thanks for sharing!

Frank Gardner said...

Mary, That, and a long list of other five year old things is what we do here at the Gardner's.
I think the blog interaction is great too.

Anonymous said...

Frank, what a beautiful life you live! The neighborhood where your gallery is looks so picturesque and peaceful. No national chain stores, no Mc mansions. I envy you a little.

Your daughter is super cute! Y parece muy contenta.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Silvina. This neighborhood is picturesque, not that peaceful though. I was lucky to get a shot early when there were not too many cars. It gets kind of loud sometimes, but traffic is good for business, right? It is a busy street.
The chain stores that we do have are not allowed in this part of town.

Gracias! Si, esta muy contenta.

Bill Sharp said...

Frank, thanks for the peak into your life and family. I miss having a little girl walking backwards and racing me to the car. Erin is a little gem.

I'm with you on the coffee, I do exactly the same thing every morning except my cup isn't as cool.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Bill. Those little things with Erin make my day sometimes, no, most of the time. She is a great kid.

The coffee cup looks cool and it is nice and BIG.

Jason Waskey said...

That set up looks so sweet, I may make my next painting vacation down your way...


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jason. It would be great to paint with you down in Mexico. I skimmed over your plein air posts. I'll take a deeper look when I get back home. Looks like you had a great trip.