Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"In Front of Arturo's Store"

"In Front of Arturo's Store", 8" x 10" oil on linen, 2008
$720. Framed, Available at Galeria Gardner

These women set up in front of my friend Arturo's store, in Atotonilco, to sell framed pictures of saints, prayer books, crosses and other religious stuff. Pilgrims that come from different parts of Mexico, to spend a week doing pentinence at the church, are their main customers.

The overcast day made it so there were no strong light and shadow patterns to work with.

"In Front of Arturo's Store" Detail 1

I don't like posting images that are so big, when clicked on, that you have to scroll to see them . I would rather post "detail" images. They are fun, because they are like little paintings in themselves. It also allows for a close up view of the brushwork. It's just colors and shapes in the right place.
Any opinions on this? Which do you prefer? Large images to scroll over or details like this?

"In Front of Arturo's Store" Detail 2

I tried to keep this painting simple. I wanted the gesture of the people to tell the story.

"In Front of Arturo's Store" Detail 3


Bill Sharp said...

Hi Frank. I've been enjoying your paintings.

You hit on one of my pet peeves about painting blogs. I'm always disappointed when I click on an image and it appears the same size, or sometimes smaller, than the original. I want to see it bigger but not so big that I have to scroll. I think you have it about right here but the details are nice too. I really like to see the brush work and yours is very fine.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--another winner! I agree with Bill. I like to look at the image on the blog itself, (small) and would like the larger image to be shown so you don't have to scroll. Your 8 X 10 paintings show up in the larger view as scrollable in both dimensions. What you see is what you would show in your detail images. I'd like to see the larger image as a painting--not like it's under a magnifying glass. On the other hand, it's very useful to study the brushwork so I do like your showing details that are important to you.
Sun is out today!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Bill, I'm glad to know that you are visiting. Thanks for checking in.
I am disappointed when I click on one that is the same size as the normal view too. What a let down.
I visit your blog periodically too. I've got it bookmarked now so I don't forget. I had not been around since Em and Osa.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jack, I thought that I was sizing them so you did not have to scroll. I guess it depends on the size of your monitor.
I'm with you, I want to see the larger image as a full painting- no scroll. I'll try and post them that way. The details help me point out some nice brushwork, especially if the original is real big.
That was an informative post on Mexico that you did, Relox is one of my favorite streets.

Stacey Peterson said...

Wow - I never thought too much about the images I post on my blog. Now I realize that I've probably got everyone annoyed because I link to the somewhat small images on my website. Hehe..

Anyhow, I really love how you make so much of these small gems Frank. This one says so much with so little - the details really show how great the brushwork is at letting the eye fill in the blanks rather than providing all the detail for us.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for the visit Stacey. Yours are not too bad, they are a little bigger than the normal view but not so big that you have to scroll. I must admit, I wish I could get a closer look at some of your brushwork sometimes. I am so far away to be able to see them in person.
I hope that you are feeling better. We went a whole two weeks plus without a cold in our house. Yee Ha! Erin had a fever last night, so who knows what that will bring.
I appreciate your stopping by.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely painting - yes, it's hard to judge sizes on screen - also paintings look rather different in the flesh than on screen - but I always enjoy yours.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I agree, paintings look very different in the flesh or from one monitor to the next.

Unknown said...

Hi Frank,
As with all your work, the sights and sounds of Mexico come alive in this painting! If I were an oil painter, I would be the first to sign up for your upcoming workshop! My daughter and family have just arrived to set up life in Guadalajara, so maybe a trip back to San Miguel is a possibility in the future. I would love to visit your gallery. Frank, would you be okay with me creating a link to your blog from mine? Hope the answer is "yes", cause I am about to do so.

Frank Gardner said...

It is always nice to hear from you Joanne. I'd love a link, thanks!
Guadalajara is an easy drive or first class bus ride. Hope to see you!

Jennifer Thermes said...

I love seeing the brushwork in the detail images. Maybe because it's a bit more like seeing them in person.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jennifer. You are right. It is a bit like seeing them in person. About as close as it gets for a computer screen.
I like looking from about 12 or 15 feet back, then taking a close look. I guess this is the on line version of that.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your comment.
I'm certain you would be fascinated by Morocco.
Astounding colors - lots of visual excitement and a few drawbacks as there always are in less developed countries.
You must plan a visit.......!

Todd Bonita said...


Amazing brushwork, color, etc...always good to check in here and see what you're up to. I took your advice and bought Gruppe on Color on Ebay...this book is a home run.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next off of your paint brush.


Frank Gardner said...

I'm sure I would love it there Elizabeth. I guess it depends on what drawbacks you mean. I've grown to view certain "drawbacks" as benefits.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Todd. That's great that you got "Color". I had not thought of ebay as a source.
I read through most of my best painting books annually. It's almost time to hit Gruppe again. You paint down on Cape Anne sometimes don't you?

Unknown said...

There's something wonderful about the brushwork, it's almost calligraphic. Just beautiful. I like scrolling around, like Bill and Jack say, examing the detail.

Ed Terpening said...

It's great you've shown these little details of the painting. Great to see your brushwork and ability to simplify in action. I need to get to Mexico to paint! Any workshops in May?

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for visiting Ed. I'm glad that you like seeing the details.
You should come on down. Nothing planned for May right now. It is hot and dry in May. But it's a dry heat :)
Have fun in Hawaii.

william wray said...

I say big... as if I want to see the whole thing I can save it and look at it however I like. I really like how you have framed the goods here. Good visual storytelling/ composition.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks William, It's good to hear another opinion. I appreciate your stopping by.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I finally started shooting my images in high res instead of keeping the setting on the lower side so I could fit thousands of photos on a memory stick ;) Never though of it before.

Mélanie said...

Hi Franck , I 've just discovered your blog ! I love your paintings ! and this one particularly as it reminds me Mexico

Frank Gardner said...

Hello Mélanie. Welcome. I am glad to have you as a visitor.