Friday, December 14, 2007

"Arms Full of Corn Stalks"

"Arms Full of Stalks", 8" x 10" oil on linen, 2007
$720. Framed, Available at Galeria Gardner

This is a small painting from today. I have been using the first painting from my last post as reference for two other 8x10's
I wanted this one to be more about the man carrying the load of corn stalks, so I limited the amount of tree that is visible.
I have been working up a few different ideas to see which direction I would like to go with a larger painting. A lot of my color notes in this one are pulled from the 8x10 plein air of this tree.
I have been slow about posting lately because it is the time of year that I try and take a break from painting, shift gears a little, and catch up with a few projects that need doing around the house. I will try and get photos posted of the other paintings tomorrow.


Dean H. said...

I like how you've kept the painting " open". Fresh and energetic. Good work, Frank.


Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Dean.

Ambera said...

I love the body language in this one. Really looks like he's struggling under the weight of the stalks! Enjoy the time spent on your projects, and happy holidays!