Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"No Hurry" at M Gallery in Chareston

This is another of my favorite paintings at my one person show currently on display at M Gallery in Charleston.
It's based on one of my 5x7 mini paintings from the Bicentennial Collection called "Evening Light".
I was able to take it so much further on the larger scale.
The painting has a beautiful dark frame on it and is still available.

"No Hurry" 30x40" oil on linen, Frank Gardner © 2010
$6,000. Framed. Available at M Gallery, Charleston,SC

Riding into the evening light, these two boys lead the family's cows home at the end of a day of grazing in the fields. The trees and vines along the fence on the right block the sun. The feeling of coming out of the shadow as they round the corner into the bright sunlight is what I was trying to capture in this painting. The closeness of the animals on the narrow road group them together into one mass of shadow while the legs against the sun on the road and a few highlights on their backs define them just enough.

"Evening Light" 5x7" oil on panel, Frank Gardner © 2010
Private Collection


Judy P. said...

What a splendid painting!

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Lovely job of transitioning to the larger support Frank, a grand painting. All the best with your show!!


izzy said...

Love this! Great composition- thanks for sharing it.

Susan Roux said...

So nice to see both. I love that you took a quick study and developed it further. I see so many quick studies from artists that never take time to develop anything! I hope they see this and take your lead. Its beautiful!

Unknown said...

Love the study and the painting. Great example of how the preparation is important for larger studio works.

Edgar said...

Both of these are fine works, Frank. I do love the immediacy of the study. Thank you for posting the contrast, and best wishes for the show.

Unknown said...

Stunning, really beautiful light.

Peter Lee said...

It's just beautiful!
I like the impressionistic brush strokes and delicate colors.
Your treatment of the background is outstanding and nice composition too.
I wonder if you have developed from your small scale study only or if you have also used some other references like photographs of the scene?
It's so great to see both study and completed masterpiece at the same time - thank you for your sharing!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks everybody. I really appreciate your comments.

Peter, I used photo reference for both. This would be a hard scene to paint on the spot. I edited and eliminated some things to make the small sketch and used that as a design for the larger work. I like them both for different reasons. The large size gave me a lot more room to play around.