Sunday, November 28, 2010

6" Squared exhibit at Randy Higbee Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA

I'm proud to be part of the 6" Squared Exhibit at the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA.
The show opens Sat. Dec. 4th, but works are available for pre sale right now.

There are a lot of quality artists that have submitted work to this show. Each piece measures 6x6".
If you are in the area it would be a great reception to attend.
Here is the invitation. I am real happy to have one of my paintings included on it.

I have 6 works included, but only 4 will be shown at the reception and for judging. The other two are replacements if works are sold. All of them are for sale.
I've included pictures two of them with the frame as well so you can see how nice the float mount frames look. None of the image is covered up with this type of frame which is nice on such a small scale where every brushstroke right out to the edge is important.

"Mexican Horseman" 6x6" oil, Frank Gardner © 2010

"Mexican Horseman" SOLD. Frank Gardner © 2010

"The Gate" 6x6" oil, Frank Gardner © 2010
$475. framed.

"The Gate" framed $475. Frank Gardner © 2010

"Giving the Dog a Ride" 6x6" oil, Frank Gardner © 2010
$475. framed. SOLD

"Give Me Your Hand" 6x6" oil, Frank Gardner © 2010
$475. framed. SOLD

"San Martin de los Terreros" 6x6" oil, Frank Gardner © 2010
$475. framed. SOLD

"Preparing Tacos" 6x6" oil, Frank Gardner © 2010
$475. framed. SOLD


Linda Popple said...

Beautiful paintings! I wish I could see them in person!

Bonnie Luria said...

They're perfect gems Frank- even at 6 X 6 you tell a story with details and essence.

I'm curious to know how the panels are affixed to the floating frames- what holds them in place?

Unknown said...

Great set and the framing sets them off a treat.

Dean H. said...

Beautiful work, Frank! And those frames are an extra nice touch.
I esp. liked "Mexican Horseman" because of the thick directional strokes of his clothing. Plus the turquoise color gear on the horse is great!

Jason Waskey said...

Cool! Congrats on the pieces-- looks like there are some terrific paintings to be had from that show-- yours among 'em!

Daniel Corey said...

From what I've seen,, you have stolen the show! Arrrgg

Robin Mullen said...

You really have mastered the smaller format beautifully. I love them all!

Lynn Lancaster said...

Wonderful color. The lack of detail is great. I get wrapped up in painting the leaves on a tree even when I want to keep it loose. You have a super touch with the brush.

Anonymous said...


Paz said...

A wonderful mix of compositions!

Merry Christmas

Unknown said...

congrats, great paintings!
Bravo da Milano