Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Provincetown Blues"

This is a piece from May that I had not posted here yet. Another view of a working boat tied up on the wharf in PTown. All of the subtle shifts in the shadow colors really attracted me to this scene.

I've been busy painting things for my show at M Gallery in November, but I'm not ready to start posting those on the blog just yet.

"Provincetown Blues", 14x18" oil, Frank Gardner © 2010
$1,430. Framed. Available at Addison Art Gallery


Marian Fortunati said...

Really nice, Frank... That show will be absolutely AWESOME!!!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Frank!... Your work just seems to get better and better. Your colour really is rich and impressive... less "bleached" and dependent upon that great tonal control that is the hallmark of your Mexican lzndscape style.

"You" really have a nautical nature... deep "within Frank! I love these paintings!

Good luck with the show... although "I" believe that luck will have very little to do with its success!Your hard work and discipline will do that for "You"!

Good Painting... and Great sales!
Warmest regards,
Bruce said...

I like this painting, you have capture those shadow blues on the boat ,they give a real feeling . The city at the end is a very good work of distance.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Nice change of cold and warm. Your brushwork make it especially vibrant.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Your painting has really grown Frank. The color vibration in your work is much more noticeable and the brushwork is more distinct. The way you handled the buildings along the shoreline here is brilliat.
I was just there yesterday with my Homies, Kelley MacD, Paula Villanova and Roz Farbush. The weather was perfect and the town was in its full swinging summer glory!
Your hard work is an inspiration, Frank.

LoisW said...

The details of this painting are exquisite! Love the colors, too. I am jealousing!!

Dean H. said...

Beautiful, Frank! I like the line of subtle grays at the horizon against the strong blues of the boat.