Friday, December 18, 2009

"In for the Night"

This is the type of local subject matter here in Mexico that I love so much. People and their animals in the landscape. In this painting Felix and Francisco are bringing their cows back to the coral for the night. This painting is a composite of several photos and the small studies. It took me quite a while to get just the way I wanted it, but I'm happy with the results.

A few months ago I posted a small plein air piece titled "The Open Gate" and another small painting "Open Gate II" both of which I used as reference for this piece. I reposted both of those paintings below.

"In for the Night", 18x24" oil, Frank Gardner © 2009
$2,500. Framed. Available at M Gallery of Fine Art
Sarasota, FL

"Open Gate", 6x8" oil, Frank Gardner © 2009
$550. Framed. Available at Windrush Gallery, Sedona, AZ

"Open Gate II", 6x8" oil, Frank Gardner © 2009
Private Collection


ambera said...

Fantastic: the detail shots really give a clue as to how wonderful the piece is!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Ambera, it is very nice to hear from you.
Those are two little 6x8s, not details.

Unknown said...

Exquisite sense of light. Lovely colour control make these wonderful study pieces for those of us who are in need of development.

Steven W. Dunn said...

I follow your blog with great interests and expectations! I so much enjoy your work and find inspitation here. I visited your gallery in San Miguel last February and we spoke briefly. You were very hospitable and kind-you have no reason to remember me, however I do remember how impressed I was (and still am) with your paintings and am very happy that I found your blog.
Steven said...

very nice. These rural paintings bring such a sense of peace and calm.

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--this is an outstanding piece. The composition is simply exquisite and the slightly subdued color strongly suggests the lateness of the day. One of my favorites! Another thing: you provide some more detail than usual, but the work still has the feel of looseness and brushwork we so much admire. This is one for the ages.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Frank!....Love the nice diagonal lead in you use with the cattle... the beautiful colour... and the late evening mood you have captured with your play of light over the entire composition! A gem!Great work!

Good painting!

Anonymous said...

This is great. The studies leading up to, really enhance appreciation of the final, larger work. And I gotta agree with Mr. Riddle; very effective, enjoyable composition.

Great work.

The Windrush Gallery said...

Love the painting. Great composition! Don't forget, I think you said you would be sending me some additional pieces.

Anonymous said...

What an exquisite piece Frank. The perspective of the cattle as they enter the gate, the light on their bodies and how sharply lit they are compared to the background trees is just gorgeous.
Wishing you great success at Addison and a wonderful holiday season into the New Year.


Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

Good work Frankie! I have been there and you captured the ranch.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Mick.
Hi Steven, Yeah, I think I remember you from your picture. Thanks for following along.
Thanks Bill, the peace and calm is one big thing I was shooting for.
Thanks Jack.
Thank you Bruce.
Thanks A.
Hi John, thanks. I'll try and get you a few new pieces soon. I've been working on things for shows this month.
Thanks Bonnie, Happy New Year to you too.
Thanks Logan, hope this one is around long enough for all of you guys that have been there to see it. Well, not really, I can show you the digital.

Barbara Pask said...

Wonderful pieces Frank. The large one is amazing. Merry Christmas to you!

Dean H. said...

Hi Frank...Haven't been around for awhile. It's great to see your work again!
I have to second all the praise for this piece! Exquisite! Love those smaller studies too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

beautiful work Frank, a delight to have discovered your work. r.

Anonymous said...

I love this site! Thank you sooo much for all your posts!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Barb, Dean, Paz and Rahina.
see you in 2010.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Magnificent, especially like the first one with the cows. Great drawing there, too.

Randall said...

I liek the colors on the cow, and the ompostion. You just don't see colors on a cow like that. Thats what makes this nice to look at.