Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new work in progress

It's been a week since I last posted something.
Thanks for reminding me Christine.
I have been working in the studio this week. Schools are closed because of the flu scare and we have been trying to stay in the house.
This is what I was up to today. It is a street that I have recently painted, but a different design. I like the way the light and color is coming along in this one. There are some wires that I want to add in tomorrow, and a few more things. I am going to try and not pick at it too much.

Work In Progress 11" x 14", Frank Gardner © 2009


Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts during this flu scare. I pray that everything will get back to normal very soon.


Marian Fortunati said...

Very nice, Frank.... Of course I recognize this street as it has been sitting on my mirror staring at me for about two weeks now. I started a painting and wasn't happy so I stopped... waiting for it to perculate. I was looking at mine earlier and thinking... we'll it's not so bad... It's actually such a beautiful street with the jacarundas blooming ... the real one... maybe for my painting I just need to change some of the shadows etc.

YOURS (both of them) are really really stunning. This one is so different... I like it... Did you just decide to use different colors for fun or is it evening????

Anonymous said...

Great drama in representing the hilly street and what looks like a big drop in height. Nice mauves on the horizon and those blues work so well to show the shade amidst the brightness of the sky above.

You use colors in ways that are so unexpected but that work so well.

We've all got our eyes on the news and are hoping for a less than expected outcome.
It sure hurts tourist traffic. I know.

Dean H. said...

Love how you can delve into completely different feels and colors! Great dramatic effect.

I've been thinking of you and your family concerning this flu event. Please take care.
Blessings, Dean

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

man, you know i was just ribbing you, you had to call me out like that...LOL

this painting is so different for you. i'm really struck by the colors. so used to seeing warm earthtones, greens, but all these cool blues and purples are a nice change. very striking with the sunset in the upper left. definitely don't pick at it too much, has a nice fresh look to it. really, really like this one.

stay well, bet erin is loving staying home, does she get to see any of her friends?

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks a lot Paz. Back at you up there in NYC. Stay well.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Marian.
Work on yours or leave it and start another.
It is an evening view. I snapped a photo as Jerome and I were packing up the other day after painting that other one.
I had been thinking about doing this one because the colors are so different. I was really just thinking about color harmony here and trying to show that orange glow. The rest kind of just falls into place on its own.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Bonnie.
I'll need to finish this today and re photo it. This one is a little blurry and the color was hard to adjust. I got it pretty well, but the sun was going and the pic just did not come out that well.
I'm hoping for a fizzle on the whole flu thing too. Yeah tourism is going to take a beating around here for a while.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Dean, those different colors really attracted me to this one.
I appreciate your thoughts. We are doing our best to remain healthy.
Do the same.

Frank Gardner said...

Sorry for the call out CMV.
I'll try and not pick at it too much. I only posted it like this 'cause you were jonesing so bad for a new post.
Actually, Erin is pretty bored here at home.
We have neighbors that she has been playing with a little and some friends were by yesterday for a little while. She likes the full time attention though.

rob ijbema said...

hope you dont do to much to it frank
looking good to me,great mood!

Susan Carlin said...

Oooooh, Frank. I like how this is going, too! I'd gotten familiar with your hazy greys and now... this! Yowza.

Daniel Corey said...

Lovely,This piece makes me want to go paint that street,,,NOW! I will go in a plastic bubble if I have to, you think I could fit my EasyL in a bubble?? I am kidding.(about the bubble) My Wife and I are keeping you and the fam, in our most positive thoughts. And the whole of Mexico for that matter.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Wooooa!! Love this!! The colors are perfect :o)

Stay put and take care amigo, you hear?

Frank Gardner said...

Hey Rob, thanks for stopping by.
I am going to try. It is so easy to kill 'em with one or two careless strokes.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Susan. Nothing like changing it up a bit.

Frank Gardner said...

C'mon down Dan. If we put some rocks in front of you your bubble won't roll down this big hill.
Thanks for the thoughts. All of Mexico is right. We could use an infusion of GOOD things happening here about now.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Ali.
We are keeping a pretty low profile. Had to get out this morning for a while though.

Elizabeth said...

Such colors in your new painting.
Yes, sending good thoughts your way during this sad flu outbreak.
all best wishes

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Elizabeth. Good thoughts are always appreciated.

Jack Riddle said...

Frank-this will be beautiful. As others have said, so different from the light you most often do. I usually want to leave out wires and such, but I can visualize the effect they would have "scalloping" down the hill, enhancing the down and away feeling in this picture.
Do take care of yourself and family. Our friend Grant Lewis in SMA keeps us apprised of things and I guess the town is eerily quiet. Hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

My stomach drops and my heart soars. This is beautiful already. Please post further developments.

Melinda said...

Nice dramatic light and color, Frank. I really like where this is going.

Stay well!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jack, thanks. Well, I added the wires. They are such a part of some San Miguel streets.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for the compliment A.
I posted the finished piece. Hope it continues to make your heart soar.
Good to hear from you.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Melinda. Well, I hope you like where it went too. Done now.