Friday, January 2, 2009

"Ready to Load"

Happy 2009 to everyone.

I have been working on and off, mostly off, for the past 10 days.
Time to get back to work.

This is a new painting that I am just finishing up.

"Ready to Load", 14" x 18" oil on linen, Frank Gardner © 2008
$1,300. Framed. Available at Galeria Gardner


Marian Fortunati said...

Another beauty, Frank.
Glad you had time with your family and glad to see you're back!
The colors in this are intriguing... really nice.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Marian. Thank you.
Gosh, that was fast. I guess you got a notice when this was posted.
I have been having a great time just kicking back playing, with a little painting thrown in on the side.
Glad you like the colors.
Happy New Year.

Daniel Corey said...

Great painting!

mike rooney studios said...

nice one frank
bills started piling up? LOL
my greatest incentive! nothing to be ashamed of *)

Frank Gardner said...

Hey there Dan. Thanks.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Mike.
No, just missed you guys, so I thought I should paint something up.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy!

Love your latest project!


Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

10 days! good for you, you must feel refreshed and ready to go now. interesting colors for you, really like the purple/blues in the trees and sky, different for you, yes?. very limited palette too, i love that. great crooked branches in that far right tree!! glad your back.

Solvay said...

What a sight for sore eyes!
Glad you had a fun "vacation" at home with the family, but my eyes are very, very happy right now!
Gotta go back and look at that loveliness some more! (if you had a pop-out comment box, I could look at it AND comment simultaneously!)
Happy 2009 to all of you!

Solvay said...

okay - I'm back. What a fabulous color scheme! is the man leaning back on his horse/burro/donkey looking out over what he's about to load? in his blue shirt. while I'm wanting to wander off under that black-bark arch in the trees behind him and enter the blue yonder beyond. ...that's where I'm wanting to go.

Ambera said...

Ahhh. A beauty. I have a question: what is the difference between canvas and linen? I've never used linen and am curious.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Paz. Thanks.

Frank Gardner said...

It must be ten days Christine. I'll blame it on that rockin' party of yours. Just got me in the holiday spirit.

Yup, all refreshed and ready for 09.

The colors are a little different. Maybe it is their intensity. I have been thinking this one over for a while and finally got to it.
Your kind of branches.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Solveg. "Vacation" goes through next Tuesday here, but i'm trying to get a few things done on the side.
Oh, I don't like the pop out boxes that much.

Glad you are all liking the colors in this one. I'll get a few more up soon that I was working on at the same time. Quite different colors though.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Ambera.
I use a lot of Raymar oil primed linen panels. The main difference between those and canvas is the surface being slicker (because of the oil prime).
I use gesso with canvas, which absorbs the paint a bit and stains.
I guess the difference for me is more of the quality of the primed surface than the weave or anything like that.

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Frank, lovely painting with lots of great brushwork. Hope you had a wonderful break and are ready for 2009!


Art with Liz said...

Beautiful painting - you get such richness with your colours - is it to do with where you live?

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Frank. Glad to see you back after enjoying some family time along with the rest of us pretty much doing the same thing.

The first thing I noticed too were the red/purple combinations and how you work them so well.
And the bolder brush work in the foreground, diminishing towards the back under the trees.

Gestural essence- it's what you do so well.

Solvay said...

your vacation---the full twelve days of Christmas all the way to epiphany. : ) wonderful!

i don't much like those pop-out boxes either, but they do serve that purpose.

anyway, i'm just happy to see your recent painting this morning again. makes me happy!

happy 9th day of that ladies dancing? maybe julissa and erin can don some degas-esque tutus and prance around!
: )

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Your landscapes have such energy, this one especially, and rich colors. Your comment on the last post of 2008 reminds me of the birth of twin boys, one in 2008 the other 26 min. later in 2009! That should add fun and maybe more conflict to their lives. How we depend on the self-imposed calendar! Always measuring something. Happy New Year!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Rhonda. Yes, ready to go for 09. A break is always good to re charge a bit.

Frank Gardner said...

Thank You Celeste!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Liz, Thanks.
I am not sure if the richness is because of the light here or just the palette I use and how I mix the color.

Frank Gardner said...

Happy New Year Bonnie. Figured I ought to get back at it before everyone abandoned me.
It has been fun just kicking back and having fun with Erin.
I am really glad that so many of you like the use of color in this one. That bolder brushwork in the foreground helps with the sense of depth. Texture like that always comes forward.
I had to resist putting in much detail at all in the background hill to make it sit back in it's place.
"Gestural essence"... That sounds good. Well said.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi again Solveg. Yup, 12 full days and then some. Ready for school to start though. We need to get more work done.
Glad it makes you happy.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jennifer.
I read about those twins this morning.
Happy New Year to you too!

Daniel Corey said...

OK I'm double dippin, this painting is on the "Moon Dagger" level and it has brought me back a few times for viewing.

Dean H. said...

Really nice work, Frank. Those staccato brush strokes make it a stand out for me...really energetic!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Gorgeous Frank! You've certainly given a sense of what the overall atmosphere is, I can feel the air.
What I love in this one is the drawing of the cart and donkey. Nice.

Elizabeth said...

Such colors!

MANPOLO said...


MANPOLO said...

NICE. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in on linen vs canvas.

The main difference between canvas and oil primed linen is that the smell of oil primed linen is one of the greatest things in this world. I just glued up some panels, and I can't throw away the scraps because I love picking them up and smelling them!!! It's also like painting with butter, working on oil primed linen. It's one of the good things in life! It doesn't guarantee a good painting, but it sure seems to help. It's so expensive that I make sure I don't screw up the painting!

Nice painting Frank. I was getting worried about your lack of posting. I'm glad to see some new work showing up!

ale balanzario said...

Hola Frank, muchas gracias por tu visita y comentarios en mi blog,

Feliz ano para ti y tu familia, lo mejor!!

Muchas felicidades, pues hoy me entere que San Miguel de Allende ha sido declarado parte del patrimonio cultural del mundo. a mi personalmente siempre me ha encantado esa pequena ciudad.!!!


Frank Gardner said...

Hi Dan. That one cracked me up.
"Moon Dagger" huh?
I'll try and get another new one posted soon.

Thanks Dean. Glad you like it.

Hi Marc. Thanks!

Thanks Elizabeth!

Thanks Manpolo!

Hey there Colin. Thanks for adding your feelings for oil primed linen.
I love the smell of oil primed linen in the morning.
Sorry for the lack of posts. More soon.

Hola Ale. Feliz ano.
Si, San Miguel y Atotonilco los dos.
Ya no es tan pequena como antes. said...

Great corn field, Frank. Hope you have another year producing these wonderful paintings.

Jennifer Thermes said...

Welcome back, Frank! It's good to take a break, no?

Love this color palette!

TSL said...

this is so yummy for so many reasons

Karl Marxhausen said...

Painted portrait in my christmas post reminds me of his breaking in and the embrace that makes me his.

Fragrance of joy for you in 2009, Frank.

Allison Currie said...

I'm really enjoying the way the dark organic shapes of the trees contrast the comparatively orderly rows of cut wheat,it makes it kind of a mark of man's impact on nature... :)

Todd Bonita said...

Beautiful and rich color on this Frank, as usual...41 comments!!!My goodness, someone is Mr. Popularity!! Good for is clear testimony of your consistently great work. Looking forward to following your new paintings this year. All the best,

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Outstanding painting; love the color combinations and the mood.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Bill.

Thanks Jennifer, yeah, a break is good. I am up in the snow not too far from you.

Hi Tina, thanks.

Hi Karl, thanks for checking in.

Thanks Allison.

Hey Todd, LOL, I'll do my best to get a few good paintings this year.

Thanks Diana!