Friday, January 23, 2009

Maine Trip Article in American Art Collector

There is a great 8 page article in the February issue of American Art Collector about our painting trip to Port Clyde and Monhegan Island. It is chock full of paintings and photos from the trip. They included a bunch of the shots that I took of the guys painting, but I pop up in a few of them too.

This photo on the contents page is one I took of the group heading down to the ferry leaving Monhegan.

I think the Feb. issue of American Art Collector is on the stands now. You can also read a PDF of the AAC article on the Addison Art Gallery web site.

Addison Art Gallery in Orleans, Ma., will be hosting a show of our work "Paintapalooza", from Feb. 13th through March 22nd.
There is an opening reception on Saturday Feb. 14th.

There is also a show "Plein Air Painters", up right now through March 22nd at The Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis. There is one painting from each of the guys on the trip. There will be a reception for that show on Feb. 13th, the night before the Addison opening.


Daniel Corey said...

Hey Frank, Great Article, I am completely jealous. As for the date of the reception I'm kinda confused as to what date to try to go to.

Billy Guffey said...

Congrats on the article Frank. After reading about the trip on a couple of different blogs I'm anxious to get this issue. If I have to live vicariously through someone, what better group of painters could I pick?

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Dan. The Addison show has a lot more paintings. That reception is the 14th of Feb.
There is a reception at the Museum the night before, on the 13th, since a lot of the guys will be in town that weekend.
I am still hoping to go, although I dont have a ticket yet.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Bill, Thanks.
Yeah, there is a lot of talk about the show on a lot of blogs and facebook.
I'm sure the article looks better in print than in the PDF format.
It is a good group of guys. We all get along real well.

Marian Fortunati said...

Very cool, Frank! Do you get "credit" as the photographer as well as one of the painters?

I'm going to go right on out and buy a copy to read. You and a lot of other painters I admire all in one story!! Yippee!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Marian,
LOL... NO, that's why I thought I'd mention it on the side, 'cause there are more of my photos than paintings. ha ha
Paul took a bunch of those photos too I think.

Anonymous said...

Frank, this is very exciting! Your paintings for the show are absolutely stunning. Congrats! I'm so proud of you!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Takeyce. I hope I can make it up. Most of the artists will be there.
Thanks, That makes me feel better. I have been looking at them too long.

Holly Van Hart said...

Frank, i enjoyed reading the article. congratulations on the publicity!! Holly

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--this is wonderful stuff, and the production that came out of this event is amazing. Good luck with the show. I'll try to get there. Oh, and Jeremy's video is equisite!

Anonymous said...

Dude, you should have put down the camera and done more painting!!! You never saw ME walking around with a camera! I don't even know how those things work.

Actually you did get some good shots of everyone. Thanks. And everyone reading this blog should go to the Addison site and see how many great paintings Frank got done on the trip. There are some real beauties that will be in this show, and I really hope you make it up for the opening weekend.

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

hey frank, very cool article. so why are all the pictures of your paintings so small? LOL a lot of great paintings came out of that trip. did you guys expect that it would get this big?

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Holly. I am glad that you checked it out.

Hi Jack, thanks. I hope to finish up a few more of the things that I got started up there before too long.
That would be great if you made it down for the show.

Funny Colin!! That's odd... I think I may have a photo of you using a camera.
No one ever takes those great shots of me, except Paul. Paul is my friend.

Thanks Christine. I think that the files they got were very small. Or was I painting on the backs of postage stamps?
Helen at Addison Gallery helped make it big when she agreed to host the show. I just wanted to go have fun painting with the guys.

Solvay said...

Cool, Frank!!!

(that camera bit between you and Colin - funny!)

Congratulations! Wish I could get to the show.

Paula Villanova said...

I think I'm going to have to take a road trip to the Cape in late February and hit both venues...sounds like a couple of good shows! Congrats on the article...I will be on the lookout for it!

Frank Gardner said...

HI Solvay. Thanks.
Oh, did I say I snuck a picture of Colin using a camera? I wasn't supposed to say anything. Must have been one of the other guys. My bad.

Why didn't anyone tell me that I had spelled Maine wrong in the title of this blog post?

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Paula, All of the paintings must look real good together. Kind of like when we spread them out at the house up in Maine, but with frames.

The gallery will take them down as they sell though. So I hope it thins out fast.

I will probably make it up for the shows.

Anonymous said...

What's a camera?

Is it like a magic paintbrush or something? Does it paint the picture for you?

Barbara Pask said...

I read the article, what a dream trip. I feel honored to kind of know you, good luck on the upcoming shows.

Frank Gardner said...

Funny Colin.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Barb. Thanks.

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

That is awesome Frank! Now its official.. you guys are famous ;o)

Stephen Magsig said...

How wonderful Frank. We so happy for you. Great job. Wish I could have been there!

Jennifer Thermes said...

Oh, what fun, Frank! :-)

Todd Bonita said...


it's been fun following your art career and this is a really nice nod to you and your fellow plein air painters on that trip. I wish I could have been there, you guys look like you had too much fun. I may have to sneak down to see the show, it looks great. congratulations.

Anonymous said...

A very well deserved article, visual treat and recognition, Frank.
It's very heartening to see how many young men there are in this illustrious group.
For whatever the reasons, most of the artists here are women.

It is in a way, a kind of renaissance of permission to the next generation coming up behind, that this is an honored and revered profession, if not outright passion.

I imagine this comes at a very good time for you.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I just got my issue of AAC, and saw the article right away! Congratulations! I met Jerry at his gallery this summer, and saw your works there, I think it was just before your trip, never thinking I'd get to see the 'fruit' of the trip! Nice work, as usual!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Phooey, I'm in Florida for this great event :(
Ok, I'll take comfort that my gal pals will tell me all about it. Still.....
Congratulations, Frank!
I have to run out and buy a magazine now..bye

Eric Merrell said...

Okay, I've confirmed plane tickets and reserved my chowder. No word from any of the other out-of-staters, though if they'll be there, but here's hoping we can have another paint-out in mid-February in Boston. Ha ha.

Karen Cole said...

Hey Frank,

Thanks for the heads up on your show and article. Congrats, it looks beautiful. I think it's great that a group of guys....artists, got together for a creative activity and comraderie. I LOVE Monhegan.

I'm very sorry to hear about your mother.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!


Frank Gardner said...

Sorry that it took me so long to answer some of these comments.

Hi Alicia, well... officially ALMOST famous. LOL

Thanks Stephen, maybe you could join us next time.

Hi Jennifer, yup, we are still having fun from that trip.

Hey Todd. Never too much fun. You should try and make it down for the shows.

Hi Bonnie, thanks. Young men is right. I feel like the old dude of the group. Well, me and a couple of the others.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Kelley. Yes, Jerome told me that you had been by his gallery. He closed it now and is showing in a gallery in P-Town.

Hi Mary, that's too bad that you are in Florida. The Addison Art Gallery has done a great job of getting it all on line though. Just that they take them off the site as they sell, so it's better to look sooner than later.

Hi Eric, yeah, we will have to try and have a little paint out. On the Cape though, I am not going through Boston.

Hi Karen, thanks. Yes, it was lots of fun getting together like that.
Monhegan is great, I want to get back out there soon for longer this time.
And thanks for the thoughts about my Mom.

Thanks very much Paz!

Elizabeth said...

This is so great, Frank.

Edward Burton said...

Congratulations on the article - you do really great work.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

Thanks Edward!

Marc R. Hanson said...

Frank good luck to you all with this show. It looks like it's going to be a big hit from what I've seen. A great article to boot. Congrats.

FCP said...

How cool is that? Can't wait to pick up this issue--and check out your work on the Addison site.
thanks for the update,

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Marc and Faye. Thanks!
I think it will be a great show.
I can't wait to get together with most of these guys next week and do a little painting.

Melinda said...

I'm so impressed by your work and the great article in American Art Collector. Congratulations!

Your work is always an inspiration. Thank you so much, Frank, for sharing your process with us.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Melinda!!!

Anonymous said...

any updates coming ?