Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Workshop Full

The Landscape Workshop for March 9th through 13th, 2009 has been full for a few weeks now.
I thought that I should mention that here as I am still getting emails about it.

I am planning one other 5 day workshop for either Feb. or Mar. 2009, and I will be sure to post about it as soon as the dates are set.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Very nice - I especially like the top one, with the currents and reflections in the water - I struggle with this often, and you really nailed it. i hope you're enjoying your trip!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Kelley. Thanks, you must be talking about the post above this with the three boat paintings.

Yes, we had a great time. I am back in Mexico now.
Just posting paintings from that trip still.

Anonymous said...

Lucky folks who'll be attending.


Frank Gardner said...

It will be fun all around Paz.