Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Year of My Paint Box

Today is the one year anniversary of My Paint Box.
I didn't know what to expect when I started this blog on Oct. 30th, 2007.
Now, one year later, blogging seems to come naturally to me.

I want to thank everyone who visits. Especially those who take the time to leave a comment. That way I know you are out there. Knowing that there are readers makes the whole blogging experience much more rewarding.

I'd like to share this new painting with you as a special thanks. I really like how it came out.
This one is hot off the easel. Well, actually, it is still on the easel.
I may change the title one I have time to think about it a bit.

"The Family Business", 18" x 24" oil on canvas, Frank Gardner © 2008
$2,300. Framed. Available at Galeria Gardner

One of the reasons that I started writing the blog was a line from the Kevin Macpherson book "Landscape Painting Inside and Out" where he suggested writing about your art as a way to take it one step further.
Blogging seemed like a good way to write about my art and share what I wrote instead of having it on scraps of paper strewn around my studio. It gives a sort of accountability for what I paint and write knowing that someone is looking and reading. The feedback and discussion can be real insightful sometimes.

I did not fathom the scope of the blogging community when I started My Paint Box.
My Paint Box has expanded beyond just writing about my art, and has become a group of friends.
I have "met" a lot of great artists and great people over the past year through my blog and by reading and commenting on other's blogs. People that I probably would never have met otherwise. Not just painters, but illustrators, writers, photographers, and just plain old bloggers and blog readers. My world has certainly expanded a bit because of all of you.
My virtual friends.
I joke sometimes that you all probably don't exist and your comments are just computer generated responses to my ramblings. Like a bizarre version of "The Truman Show" or something.

Luckily, I have met some of you, own some of your art, received signed and doodled copies of latest books from others, and have plans to meet a few others before long. Hmmm. didn't they insert characters into "The Truman Show" to keep him believing?

Well, either way it has been fun.
"Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"
Jim Carey from "The Truman Show".


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

I cried with that movie. I find it very sad. And yes it does post the question, is this real? Do we exist? Even more on the blog world.. Your comparison is a great one my friend.

Well I for one, am extremely happy you opened this blog, because of that I "met" you, in a blogger/truman show kind of way ;o)

Your art is beautiful Frank. I enjoy visiting your blog every time. I hope you continue to make us happy for a many days to come.

Congratulations on a wonderful year my friend!


Frank Gardner said...

Gracias Alicia!
Yeah, it is kind of a sad movie at times. Any movie can be a sad movie for me..LOL
Thanks for stopping by so often.

Anonymous said...

Well from one all-too-real plain old blog reader, your anniversary post was beautifully written.
And, in this painting, I love the way "the road" is in all the creatures, human and animal alike - or, maybe it's the other way around: they are all in the road - or, maybe it's both. I like it all the same.

Happy Anniversary to you Frank Gardner, generous and kind real human being deluxe, and beautiful painter deluxe!

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--congrats on this auspicious anniversary. I'm happy to be one of your respondants. BTW thanks for the mention on your previous post. I finally was able to get a new post up about our forays togehter here. Look forward to more...

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hey Frank..congrats on your one year anniversary. I started mine around the same time. I'm surprised because I assumed you had been at it much longer. This whole process of posting and commenting does open up one's world. It certainly gets me out of my studio and interacting. My usual interacting with others is at the grocery store or post office and of course art shows. Thanks for all that you've shared about your are an exceptional artist and teacher.

mike rooney studios said...

glad i found your blog and made your virtual-acqaintance too.

it expands my base of knowledge and i love to come to your (and others) blog everyday to see what you have for our visual pleasure.

keep up the good work amigo. youve got me thinking of painting cape cod every minute of every day.

thats the beauty of the blogosphere. it makes you think!

Mary Brewster said...

Frank, The light in your sky is beautiful in this anniversary painting! I have hardly ever been out west, but your paintings show me more than most photographs.
I was up on Monhegan painting with Stan Moeller's workshop when you all were up and painting on the island. It has been fun to see your group's paintings from that time.
Keep painting and posting!
Thanks, Mary

Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary! I have really enjoyed your blog, seeing your art and you explaining your decisions so that we can learn. I'm looking forward to the next year.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Happy Blogoversary Frank.
I have to say that the blog has opened up a whole spectrum of opportunity and community that I find very supportive. I am astonished, on a daily basis, by the caliber of work available to view online.
Pleased to have made your acquaintance here in my virtual life and thanks, always, for your .

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Solveg. Thanks for being a big fan.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jack.
I'm glad that you got some of your Mexico paintings on your blog.
Let's go out painting again next week.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jennifer.
I totally agree about interacting. I now have a great group of art buddies.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Mike. Me too.
It sure does expand our knowledge and experiences about painting and other things. I wish I had more time to surf around.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Mary.
Thanks for noticing the sky. I really like how it came out. I used a pink undertone in the sky first to balance all that green a bit. When it was dry I laid on the blue. I think it really captures the light here well.
That was fun painting on Monhegan. Love the light out there.
Thanks for letting me know you were checking out the paintings. I'll swing by and see your work when I get a chance.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Rhonda!
I'm looking forward to seeing where the next year takes me and My Paint Box too.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Mary.
Yeah, I could have kept going talking about the ways that the blog had opened up new things for me, but I did not want to ramble on too much. More on that later I guess.
Nice to have made your acquaintance too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank..Hey looks like I might make it in this time.
Thanks for your visit and compliments. ...appreciate them both.
It is nice to be able to say how much I enjoy your "stuff" again, finally.
Congrats. on your blog anniversary.

Take care..

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Congrats on being at it a year. I agree that the painting a day and blogging thing is really a great way to focus, be accountable and connect with others.

This is another beautiful painting!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary, Frank! You are one of a few painters who has "made a difference" through your blog - responding to all of us who comment, teaching everyone who stops by with detailed and informative postings, and encouraging those of us who are just starting out or struggling. I, for one, say "thank you" for the investment of time and energy you have put into My Paint Box and into your blogger friends!

Dianne Mize said...

Beautiful painting, Frank. And congratulations on your first anniversary of My Paint Box. I have you linked into my Google Reader so confess my comments have been scarce, but I love the work you do and very much enjoy reading your thoughts and descriptions.

I agree that here in cyberspace we find solid friends. It's almost miraculous how the artistic community has formed, how we feel like we know people we've never really met. What a grand world we live in to be able to do that.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with the rest of us a year's worth of exciting work and meaningful words.

Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

Hey Frank, as a new reader and friend, I am glad to see that your blog has been a success, I enjoy seeing what you are up do down there in Old Mexico. So keep 'em coming!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Frank A. Thanks.
It had been a while since I had time to visit your blog.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Diana. Three good reasons to have a blog!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Joanne! That means a lot that you think I have "made a difference".
I appreciate your visits.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Dianne. I always thought that about getting the posts in a reader. It makes it easy to skim the post without commenting etc..
But thanks for checking in on me either way.
It is a solid little community of artists and I am glad to be able to be a part of it.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Logan. Maybe my posts will inspire a trip down one day. They will let you bring Minnie in you know.
I'm looking forward to the start of your trip.

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

oh wow, one year! congrats my cyber friend...that is if YOU really exist!

you've created a very enjoyable, educational, and sharing environment for your artwork that many, many people enjoy coming to visit on a regular basis (me included).

this painting is no disappointment. great color, and i'm always very impressed with how 'easy' you make painting a 'herd' of animals look.

and great reference to the truman show, one of my all time favorite movies, which is completely underappreciated by the general population.

congrats on your first anniversary, looking forward to another year of great paintings!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Frank!

Anonymous said...

Frank- I'll add to the many other, dedicated, loyal, ok a step further, addicted readers and followers, a hearty congratulations for one year of " On Painting ".

I think you've hit on the essence with your title - your blog is about so much more than your personal showcase.

It's not just a showcase to view your art, which by everyone elses' assessment too, is so vibrant, but also for your generousity in sharing information and advice both on your blog and individually.

You've been greatly inspiring to me in your comments and the regularity with which you check back on mine.

It's this exchange that keeps the creative spirit inching forward, somedays a sprint, somedays a crawl.

I enjoy reading what you write and the comments of your other very loyal readers.

Like the others, I hope your blog continues to do as much for you as it does for the rest of us.

Congratulations Frank.

( PS. NOW can I be added to your blogroll...! said with a smile )

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Frank-- Wonderful post, and wonderful reasons for starting a blog. I, for one, am so glad you did!

I really appreciate learning about your process and how you think about painting... it amazes me how much there (always!) is to learn from everyone, no matter what their discipline.

Glad to know you're real. I am, too. (Well, surreal, some days.) ;-)

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Christine, my cyber friend. Yes, I am really here. You know, if you start thinking I'm not, I'll send Marlon over with a six pack.

Glad to have you as a "regular".

About the painting, thanks, it WAS easy...LOL
You KNOW it is not. But, I try and make it looked as slapped on and easy as I can. Those slaps take a lot of concentration.

I always wondered why that movie did not get more credit. I love it. Great story, Jim's best role too.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Takeyce!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Bonnie, thanks for being addicted.
You all are the best blog readers ever.

The spirit can't always be a sprint Bonnie. You'd get tuckered out.


Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jennifer! Glad you enjoy checking in.

I feel like you are ALL my good friends.

You especially, for one thing, we grew up not too far from each other about the same time. Besides, I have seen your picture on your web site, I know you are real.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary - also on the wonderful new picture.
Sorry I have been a bit absent of late.
Yes, blogging is a wonderful way to get in touch with like-minded people.
Happy Halloween from New York.

Unknown said...

How do you have time to paint with all this blogging going on!? Haha. I'm a subscriber through Google Reader, everytime I'm going to sit down and check out my art-blogs I see your updates!

I was most recently inspired to get the supplies necessary for some plein air painting after reading about your cold rainy day of painting last week! It seems like a blast, especially if I can drag some artists with me.

Here's to always learning. Your work and your methods greatly benefit me and even my wider circle of peers.

Eric Merrell said...

Looks great, Frank, congratulations on the anniversary. I love the sense you give of Mexico in the work, and I've never even been. What tequila would you say is the best for celebrating?

Anonymous said...

I have no paintings or books or anything to send you - but I CAN send a good laugh. I saw this a couple of years ago, so maybe you've seen it..........something yesterday brought it to mind so I looked it up again and have been laughing hysterically at it over and over:

So, I can give you a good laugh.

Again, Happy Anniversary!

Marian Fortunati said...

Seems like "they" are going to quite a bit of trouble to insert these characters into your show... So far I see 38 comments to your virtual world.
Frank, this latest painting is one of my favorites. I love the paintings you do that have figures from your life in them.... they still reflect the landscape, but go so far beyond to populate your world and bring it to the viewer.
AND THAT SKY!!... love the picks peaking through... gorgeous.
Your virtual friend...

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Elizabeth.
I understand, I have a hard time keeping up with all of the blogs that I love as well.
Happy late Halloween to you too.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Matt. Good one. I find time to blog at night after my daughter is in bed or some mornings that I am at my gallery and not painting. The not painting is the hard part to confess to. : I
I find that posting regularly is a good way to keep readers coming back.
Glad that you got inspired to get out and paint from one of my posts.
I enjoyed your blog. I'll mark it and come back to visit now and then.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Eric!
Well, I hope you can come some day soon.
Any tequila is good for celebrating!
I like the reposado which is a little smoother than white, but some might argue that.
Centenario is one of my favorites if you can find it up there. It is one of the ones that we had in Maine. Don Julio is also nice, and you ought to be able to find it up there.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Solveg.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Marian. I appreciate your thoughts on my figures in paintings.
Glad you like the sky.

virtualjourney said...

Congratulations, lovely work, and my sentiments exactly about blogging. I've found the level of stimulus to be creative from blogs like your own has been a great help. Strange to connect in this virtual way across thousands of miles, isn't it...!

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Frank, Good post, so funny. I for one want to thank you for blogging, you are such a great teacher and a really nice fellow blogger. I think blogging is a great addition to my life, I feel I have gotten to know so many nice and generous people. You are on the top of my list.

FCP said...

Congrats, Frank! You are an exceptional writer, painter, blogger and an inspiration to many! thanks for sharing your many talents and humor.

Dean H. said...

A belated Happy Anniversary, Frank! Glad I found you on the blogasphere.
This painting has it an ultimate 'Frank Gardner' work!
Keep it up for all of us, my friend.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Julie. Thanks for the support.
Like you said, it is great that people so far apart can connect this way. Makes the world a bit smaller.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Barb, thank you for being such a regular reader.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Faye!
You are very kind.

Frank Gardner said...

Glad to have made your acquaintance too Dean.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy being a character of "The Frank Show" ensemble.

So now that the cats out of the bag about your life being a show, can I quit my blog? It's just there so that you have an art blog to visit and comment on.

Your blogging success and popularity are no surprise, Frank. You have the perfect recipe;
excellent art + welcoming attitude + helpful art observations and tips + good sense of humor + generosity... and a pinch of Spanish for spice. ¡Muy bien! Keep it up, we love what you do!

Your disembodied internet friend in So. Cal. said...

Beautiful piece. I like the drawing and the balance of warm earth vs cool greens.

Frank Gardner said...

Hola Silvina. Gracias por mantener a studio 280 para mis comentarios! Muy amable!
Y gracias por tu apoyo.
Me falta toda via un poco con el Espanol.
Pero... hago el intento.

Don't you dare quit your blog!
Thanks for the kind words and support.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks onpainting. I wont even say Bill anymore. Would not want to offend if it is really Lisa commenting here.
I tried to balance the warm and cool. I think the pink in the sky helps balance all the green.

Holly Van Hart said...


Wow! I really like how this came out too. You're able to suggest so much with so few strokes.

Happy anniversary on your blog! I always enjoy coming back to visit. Thanks for sharing your paintings and your stories!


Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Holly and thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy anniversary! Looking forward to many more years of many more posts!


Frank Gardner said...

I guess I never said thanks Paz... so....thanks!