Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A few more from Maine

Here are three more paintings from the trip to Maine.
These were painted mostly on location with a few adjustments back in the studio.

I don't have a lot of time to write much about these right now, but I wanted to get some more of these paintings on the blog.

"Morning Light in Port Clyde", 11" x 14" oil on linen, Frank Gardner © 2008
Private Collection

"The Lindsey Lou", 11" x 14" oil on linen, Frank Gardner © 2008
$950. Framed. Available at Galeria Gardner

"At the Pier", 11" x 14" oil on linen, Frank Gardner © 2008
Private Collection


Kim VanDerHoek said...

I found your blog through a link on Christine Mercer-Vernon's blog. Your work is amazing! I've been painting plein air for about 2 1/2 years now. It's been a great experience.

William Wray recommended Eric Merril as a painting teacher to me. I live too far away from him though to take classes. It was neat to see him painting with you on your blog and to see the painting you did of him painting en plein air.

David Lobenberg said...

"Morning Light..." is by far my fav. Love the shore foliage painted with what looks like a flat brush and the water definitely shows an influence from Collin. Very nice!

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Hi Frank,

I have been enjoying your Maine paintings, they are so lovely. I was really captured by the first one of this post. I love the deep saturated colors and the water reflections! It is as if I can feel the crisp morning air! Liz

Dean H. said...

Great paintings, Frank. Love the brushwork, and the warm orange color which is apparent in the foreground of all three...but mainly the first and the last.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,

The shape of that bottom lobsterboat is right on. The lines of the boat look great. I like the warmer light in these. Nice work.

How many more paintings do you have fom Maine?!! Are you still up here painting somewhere? I miss seeing donkey paintings.

Barbara Pask said...

I love Colin's comment. Are you still hiding out somewhere in Maine, lol? I love all three of these paintings, you can just feel the light and the colors are so appealing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Frank! These are all stellar paintings. It's hard to choose a fave, they're all so beautiful!

Marian Fortunati said...

Oh, Frank..... These are the BEST yet! Of course boats always make an interesting subject.
My favorite is the first one... the green boat in the early morning light.... absolutely lovely.
HOW many paintings did you DO up there.... Guess you didn't do a lot of late nights out with the boys did you?? :)

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Ohhh these are lovely Frank. My fav is the first one!!
Beautiful.. the reflection in the water is amazing! :o)

Jennifer Thermes said...

Hi Frank-- I love that top one, too. You can just feel the light flickering on the water! :-)

Frank Gardner said...

Hi KIm, I am glad to hear from you, thanks for commenting.
I bet Eric would be a great teacher if you could manage a few classes from him.
He is a big part of Jeremy's video if you follow that link over from my post about that painting of Eric.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi David. Thanks.
You just are not used to seeing that much water from me. That was one of my first from the trip and I had not been around Colin much yet.
He is much more confident with his water than I, but thanks for the comparison.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Liz, Thanks.
That top one seems to be a favorite.
It was a crisp morning alright. Had to stop before I got my feet wet with the tide coming in. That would have been cold.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Dean! Glad you noticed my attempts to warm them up some.

Frank Gardner said...

Hey Colin.
Thanks for the comment about the lines of that bottom boat. THAT means a lot coming from you.

Yeah, look out your back window, I'm still here.

I have a bunch more, but I am not sure how many more I will post just yet. I have some new things from down here that I would like to get on the blog.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Barb, no way, too cold for me to stay there this time of year.
Thanks for stopping by.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Takeyce. Very kind of you to say.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Marian!
Lots of votes for that first one.
I came back with about 30 or so. Some done as is, some needed work and some..well.. you know.
I was not the first one to bed, but not the last one either. We had lots of fun, day and night.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Alicia, thanks amiga!
Oh that water gave me soooo much trouble.
so thanks on that.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks.
I appreciate your thoughts on these.

in a van with minnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

Seriously, how many paintings did you do out there?!? I didn't see all of these! Looks like you gave Colin a run for his money for most paintings done on the trip!

Frank Gardner said...

Hey Logan. You deleted the other comment?
Well, at least I know who "In a van with Minnie" is now.
Where did that come from?

Yeah, I may have gotten a painting or two more than Colin, but count the square inches and he has me beat.

They were all out at some point. I could only fit so many in my little corner there by the door, then I moved them to the wet boxes.

I had more laying out than Glenn did.

Logan Maxwell Hagege said...

Hey Frank, Yeah I deleted that one because I was signed into the wrong blog account. The other one is a blog my girlfriend and I are doing for our x-country road trip that we are going on soon. I will email you all the info soon so you can follow us along the way! I am going to Pete's place tomorrow and he is going to help me put in some insulation and wood panels in the van I just bought for the trip. I will keep you posted!
And yes you did more than Glenn as far as we know he didn't do any paintings.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi again Logan, Oh, that explains it. Good blog title. I'll keep an eye on that for sure.
Peter is very good at pimping out a van for cross country travel. He and Kathleen drove down here in a van that was pretty cool.
Head this way if it gets too cold up there for you.

Anonymous said...

I like all the paintings (as usual!).


Marc R. Hanson said...

Hi Frank-Maine looks good on your linen! Nice work on them all. I think the last one has great potential to be a major piece??? Cheers, Marc

Anonymous said...

love the water. love the carefully drafted boats. love all of it as always. you must get tired of me loving every single painting.....
i just wrote on m. h.'s blog that i think you're brilliant for living in mexico. how does one move to mexico? how do i look into it? i'm tired of cold minnesota. really, how does one do it?

Anonymous said...

also, just the day before you posted these, i was looking at the trees on the riverbank, remembering this little kindergarten art project i did years ago with little sponge bits on sticks, painting fall colors in blotches - if that makes sense - and i was noticing how in some ways the late-autumn colors, oaks mostly, look just exactly like that, and then you posted these paintings - the top one has that very sort of rendering - LOVE that. your painting is exactly the way my eyes were interpreting the riverbank on my drive to work.

but i also really love the water in the bottom one, but i also just love them all.

i love frank's paintings
i love frank's paintings
i love frank's paintings.
the end.

: )

Anonymous said...

Frank- it hardly seems possible that your work just gets juicier and fuller with everyone you post. These water paintings are so alive and your use of color is - ooh, if I could depict what the French do with their fingers to their lips to indicate perfection, that's what I'd do.

It must have been challenging and rewarding to paint water, after much of the drier, dustier Mexican scenes.

You've got a great inventory, and I look forward to seeing every next one.
PS- back on the grid after a week without any power after Hurricane Omar- it's good to be back. Did a new post about it. Whew!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Paz!

Hi Marc, thanks a lot. Some of these may inspire larger studio works. We'll have to see.

Hi Solveg. Thanks. Yeah, I wish there was at least one that you did not care for.
I did not really PLAN on moving to Mexico. Things just kind of happen. My plan was just to visit for a while.
Thanks for being such a fan.

Hello Bonnie, I am glad that you think they are getting better. If it was the other way around you'd let me know, right?
Water and moving boats are a challenge that's for sure.
I'll get over to your blog and see what you posted about the storm. Glad to hear that you are o.k.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The first one is slammin'.That is some lively brush work! You are kickin' some serious.... you know what.
These are all really strong, Frank.
I vote 1, 3, 2.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Mary!