Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Quiet Passing"

This family with their animals passed by so quietly that I barely knew they were there.
The area is one of my favorite places to go paint. It is very quiet and peaceful, but there is always ambient noise going on in the background. Mexican countryside noise like mooing cows, barking dogs, a radio off in the distance or a passing train. It gets me in the mood to paint.

"Quiet Passing", 11" x 14" oil on linen, Frank Gardner © 2008
Private Collection

As a side note. This is my 100th blog post on "My Paint Box".
Thanks for being part of it with me.
Your comments count so much and make me keep going.
I have seen a saying on a few blogs that I have visited that says
" Your Comments Feed My Blog".
It is very true.


Melinda said...

A little internet food:
You are an inspiration. Congratulations on your 100th blog!
I look forward to 100 more.

eLIZabeth Floyd said...

Hi, I really like the colors - yellow/orange foreground, bright green in the middle ground, and the cool blues and violets of the background. The tree is also wonderful, how it adds interest and shadow shapes.

Sue Krekorian said...

Thank you so much for feeding our lives with your wonderful art, Frank. This is another wonderful piece. Happy bloggiversaryl

Holly Van Hart said...

Frank, the peaceful mood of this painting really struck me (even before i saw it's title). bravo! Holly

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Melinda. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks Liz. I'm glad you like the use of color. I find green and purple/blue to be very peaceful. Which was part of why I chose this title.

Hi again Sue. Your welcome and thank YOU. Not quite my bloggiversary, just a milestone of 100.

Hello Holy. Thanks. I'm glad that the feeling of peaceful comes through in the finished piece.

Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

Very happy 100th blog post! I think it goes without saying that we all enjoy and learn so much from your posts! i know i have really grown this summer as a result of your posts...and comments!

beautiful painting, that tree is just lovely, i love how you represented the leaves. and the warm foreground and cool background creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Barbara Pask said...

We appreciate you Frank. You are such a great teacher, you're so generous with your knowledge. Congrats on the 100th, I enjoy each one.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Christine. It means a lot to know that you are getting something from all of this.

It is a Pirul tree. It has great hanging leaves and little red pepper corns.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Barb! It is great to have you as a regular reader.

David Lobenberg said...

This one has a great mood and somewhat verdant feel about it that I really like, especially the bright field of grass.

Anonymous said...

Frank, congratulations on your 100th post -- if you were a TV show, you could syndicate. But as a blogger, you've shown resilience and dedication. That dedication certainly shows in your ability to capture a passing moment of so many figures, in relatively few strokes. I know you can't capture that motion, gesture and perspective, without having observed and drawn people and cows many times. That inspires me to work.

Anonymous said...

Frank- Posting 100 of anything is another commitment to your craft.
I think it helps us as artists to share the work and receive the comments. It's high octane for me.

You move so many people with your work and humble take on what you do.

Love the soft compliments of the mauve shadows and the sunlit figures.
Essence of a moment, done without overdoing.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks David! That is a field of alfalfa starting out there. That is why it is such a strong green.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Edgar! Ha! I could be like Bob Ross!
I wish I could have gotten them in fewer strokes, but I am happy with them, especially the gesture of the young girl on the left.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Bonnie, I agree. Good fuel to keep going and get better!

Dean H. said...

Another great painting, Frank! Impeccable placement and color. Congrats on it being your 100th!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Happy 100!!! You look good man... ;o)

I love this painting. The colors are truly something. Beautiful how you captured the moment.. and yes I can hear the birds and one cow at the distance.. seems a bit lonely, poor thing. :o)

Anonymous said...

well, I guess I wanted to wait til the back end of the list, for a change. (yes, i saw a LOT of sun in Miami, by the way - slid in just at the right "Fay" moment, it seems, though flying both directions wasn't the smoothest experience...) Anyway, I recall a song by Maura O'Connell that has a chorus: "you cast a long shadow on me". I'd been thinking about that phrase, recently, and then here is this painting of this tree with a huge shadow - a peaceful, soothing shadow. A tree of life and shade and rest and peace. A mountain of peace. And a family on the path. Just glorious.

I did some reading about the trees I saw in Miami - most of them in the fig family, it turns out - banyans, sycamores, magnolias and figs are all in that overarching tree family. It has nothing really to do with anything, other than having just been thinking a lot about trees, this past week, and then seeing this glorious, fruitful shade tree in your painting.

Love it.

And, the 100th post. Very excellent!!!
: )

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Dean. I don't know about impeccable, but I am happy with how it came out.
Perfect in my mind always seems to exceed perfect on the canvas which can lead to overworking.

Frank Gardner said...

Funny Alicia. Thanks!

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Solveg. Glad to hear you flew around most of the storm.
I don't know that song. But it seems to fit in here.
The trees here are good for painting. They have nice silhouettes, and the bit of shade helps balance the bright sunny areas.
Thanks for checking in.

Jack Riddle said...

Ah, Frank--I know this place well and your love for it really shows. Beautiful piece! BTW, I'm making one of those palette boxes, another one of your brilliant ideas that I've stolen.

Frank Gardner said...

Good eye Jack. I'm trying to steal some time to get down there and paint this week, but it is so wet and muddy from all of the rain.
I look forward to seeing how your palette box comes out.

Ed Terpening said...

I need to get out your way to paint. What's the best time of year?

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Ed! I suppose that depends if you like green or brown : )
Right now it is green and muddy with cloudy skies and lots of rain. Getting out to paint can be a muddy experience. I like late Sept. October and even into November.
Then it starts to get a little colder : ) for me at least. OK, well just at night, but the frosts kill off all the green fast around here at this altitude.
March is great, with the best weather.
(I'll be doing a plein air workshop March 9-13 '09.)

Right now the wildflowers are almost ready to start coming up. Last year was a bum year for those though. I'm hoping this year will be better and plan on getting out a lot to paint in October. (I'll be away painting in September for a few weeks.)

You should look at the town on line and check it out. There is a lot to do besides art.
Lots of B& Bs and homes to rent aside from the hotels.
Just ask if you want more info about traveling here.

rob ijbema said...

so fresh,love the values and that loose tree is spot on!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Rob!

Unknown said...

Beautiful image.

Anonymous said...

Awesome light, Frank. It's like I'm right there with them.

FCP said...

Frank, love this one. I was immediately drawn in and got lost observing this family. The gestures of the people as well as the animals suggests they are strolling along, lost in their own thoughts, taking in the sunshine and relishing the day. I identified with the figure on the left, off the path, lost in her own world, daydreaming, and found myself thinking about how much more peaceful their lives appear compared to many of us who are busy rushing from one commitment to the next. THEN I read the title - perfect!
Congrats on reaching 100, and I can't thank you enough for all the inspiration and encouragement you have provided along the way. When you are away, it is like waking up and discovering we are out of coffee (ouch!)

Marian Fortunati said...

No worries for you... your paintings and thoughts on living and painting draw many many viewers.
I find it interesting to read the comments... and discover so many interesting people who are artists exploring their world in their own way.... fascinating.
So you're a daydreamer, too, huh...? It's funny.. when I put that little perception/ personality test on my blog, I thought my friends would respond which would be interesting to see how my perception of them concurs or doesn't to the results... but only people I've "met" online have responded.
Glad you did!!

The Crusty Crone said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. I found the link to it on Mary Sheehan Winn's blog. Yours will be added to my daily stroll.

Anonymous said...

I went to Ms. Fortunati's site to see what she was talking about...took the test. My scores are almost exactly the same as yours but I was rated as an Illusionist. Interesting. I wouldn't have classified myself that way, but I don't usually see myself the way tests see me, which likely says i don't see myself accurately, since i'm the one TAKING the test, after all. whatever.
But, mostly, i'm writing to say that i took my new cello inspiration for a test-drive, today, and it was a huge success, so i wanted to thank you for being such a critical part of that inspiration. I almost feel like there's more inspiration coming forth from it, though it's a fragile green shoot needing a loving fence and constant care to keep it going. Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for both your paintings and your blog - both the writing on your posts and your responses to everyone. Obviously I am not alone in my gratitude for your generosity, humbleness, mastery and vision. Just add me to the list of the grateful.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Eric!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Takeyce! I am always happy with a compliment on the "light" in my paintings.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Faye, thanks! I liked the girl on the left being off on her own too.
You know, it may not pay much, but if I needed another job, shepherding animals around would be a pretty relaxing one that would leave me plenty of time for daydreaming.
I'm glad that you consider me an inspiration.
EEEK! running out of coffee, I hate when that happens.
Better stock up, I am getting ready to go painting for a few weeks. I'll try and leave something lined up for you all to look at while I'm gone. There won't be an internet connection for me.

Frank Gardner said...

Oh, I have my worries too Marian.

I agree, it is a great community of friends.

Not just a daydreamer, I was off the charts. Oh well.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Crusty Crone, Thanks for coming by. I always have room for more.
There looks like a LOT of interesting things on your blog. I will mark it and visit when I have more time to browse at a relaxed pace.

Frank Gardner said...

Another illusionist, I think that is what Christine got. I am not sure what an illusionist is. I'll have to look that one up.
It is a fun test. I could have gone with a few different answers on some of them, which may have tipped me a different way. I guess that I would agree with the daydreamer results.
That is great about the cello!!!! Glad to help out.
When we are inspired it DOES seem to breed more doesn't it?
I don't know what to say. You are so kind in reference to the blog.
Thanks, as always, for stopping by. said...

I feel like I'm walking with them. Your landscapes are so great.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Bill or Lisa. Your comments are appreciated. Wish you would leave at least a "B" or an "L" , so I could tell which one of you has visited.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I look forward to seeing many more. I enjoy everyone of your paintings and posts.


Frank Gardner said...

Thank you very much Paz!