Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It has taken me a while to get around to acknowledging some blog friends who have graciously passed awards on to me and my blog.
I am supposed to chose other blogs to pass these on to, but there are so many that I truly love, it would be unfair, and hard, for me to just pick a few.
I will be a party pooper, and just say that all of you do great work and deserve praise for your blogs.
Being part of the blogging community and sharing with all of you is a great honor.
For those of you who don't have blogs, you are great too!
I thank everyone for your visits to "My Paint Box" and for all of your kind and thoughtful comments.

I'd like to thank Paz for giving me this You Make My Day award.

Susan Carlin awarded me with the Arte y Pico Award.
Thanks Susan!
I translate Arte Y Pico to mean art and a little more.

The third award, Brillante Weblog, was given to me by Jennifer Thermes. Thank you Jennifer.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards. You're right, it is hard to pick a few to pass on. Everyone is deserving. ;-)


Jennifer Thermes said...

You're welcome, Frank.
I agree, it's hard to pass it on-- there are so many interesting blogs. :-)

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Paz and Jennifer, It IS real hard to pick just a few favorites. I thought about it and realized that I would be leaving out blogs that were just as worthy.

I wanted to acknowledge your kindness is selecting me though.

ale balanzario said...

Felicidades Frank, tienes un gran blog, y tus pinturas son muy buenas. Te lo mereces!!!

Frank Gardner said...

Gracias Ale!
Que bueno que encontraste mi blog.
Tengo que visitar mas a los tuyos.
Tus dibujos se ven muy interesantes y los panes y dulces, mmmmm, deliciosos.