Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Baby Steps

I remember the look on our daughter's face when she took her first solo steps. Amazement, determination, joy. Her skills were not quite there and she wobbled, needed to grab on, and even fell a few times. She kept going though.
That is how I feel starting this blog. My computer skills are minimal. Forgive me while I wobble, grab on, or maybe fall. I'll do my best to get this up and running.


Mike said...

It's easier than it seems, Frank! Just follow the directions on your blog site. You'll be up and blogging in no time at all!

Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving your comments about different grounds. Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for stopping by Mike, I figured out how to get an image up. Now I am ready to get some visual content on this blog.

Paul Scully said...

Frank, your work has changed a bit since RISD. I really am impressed wiyh the 8x10 sketches, they are awesome. Simple.

Frank Gardner said...

Hey thanks Scully. I'm glad that you took a look at my new blog. I'm still waiting to see some of your new stuff. Think about coming to Mexico to paint once it starts getting cold and gray up your way.