Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paintings from the Beach

We took a quick trip down to the beach last week. Schools were closed in Mexico because of the flu scare and we wanted to get out of town for a while. The drive down to Playa Buena Vista, in the state of Guerrero, is about 6 hrs. Some friends of ours have a small house there that they let us borrow. I took my paint box and was able to sneak in a little painting time when I was not swimming, relaxing, or keeping an eye on the kids while we were on the beach, ( we took Erin's two cousins with us too ). The beach is isolated and we the only ones there most of the time. Needless to say, we had a great time.
Here is a photo of the beach and below are three paintings. The forth was pretty unworthy of posting. The light changed on me too quickly and I abandoned it.

Playa Buena Vista

"Hammock, Playa Buena Vista", 8" x 10" oil, Frank Gardner © 2009

All of the moisture in the air inspired this view looking down the beach. The hammock under the palapa gives that nice lazy day feel. This one might get turned into a larger painting too. I'd like to have more room to play around with that color. You can only squeeze so much into a small painting.

"Morning Palms", 6" x 8" oil, Frank Gardner © 2009

This is the view looking toward the beach from Anthony and Laura's house. The sun was coming up behind me and it cast a nice light on the palms. I tried to simplify the foliage but at the same time wanted it all to line up in the right spot. A tough one for a 6"x8" panel.

"Evening Mist", 6" x 8" oil, Frank Gardner © 2009

There was a lot of moisture rolling off the beach and I loved the variety of cool colors looking back into the jungle in shadow.
This could make a nice larger painting. I can imagine how it would look if it were bigger and I moved a few things just a bit.


Rhonda Hartis Smith said...

I don't usually accomplish anything when I go to the beach but you were very productive. Beautiful paintings with lots of atmosphere.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Rhonda. I had imagined maybe getting more paintings done, but three is not bad. We went down Thursday morning and came back Sunday, so time was limited anyway.

Bill Guffey said...

Hi Frank. I like them all, but really love the light in the second one.

Looks like a great little vacation.

Jack Riddle said...

Frank-it goes to show ya--you should take your paint box everywhere you go. You never know what will show up on the canvas. I really like the middle one. Anxious to see what you come up with with the other two when you do the larger sizes.

Marian Fortunati said...

I'm so glad you had fun with the family, got away to do something relaxing AND painted.

As always love your paintings. I think the hammock one is my favorite. BUT... I'd love to see you paint the scene from the photo you took!! WOW... the light, the atmosphere... the distance with nothing there... sooo beautiful.
Be well, Frank!!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Bill. It was a great time. Too short, but we always say we need to get to the beach and never go, so this time we did something about it.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jack, I do try and take one of them with me all the time. I dont always use it, but it's better than wishing that I had it with me.
I'm working on a few others that I will post soon.

Frank Gardner said...

Well, you know that fun with the family comes first Marian, but the painting time was a nice little bonus for me.
I like that hammock one too.
The photo posted above? Number 4 was similar to that but the colors changed so very quickly on me that I just tossed it in the box. Maybe I'll work one up from a photo.

Solvay said...

WOW! How great is THAT?!
So glad you got to have an impromptu beach trip! And, I love the humidity in the Hammock and Mist paintings - just can feel that velvet air and smell the ocean coming through your paint! And, the middle one - forgot the title - it feels hot, more like mid-day. Hope that's right. (I'd love to see what you do with the one you pitched in the box - the one like the photo.....such and evocative photo, actually....) You are such a versatile painter - I am always so moved seeing how where you are comes through your eyes and out your hands. What a gift you are!

Dean H. said...

Sounds like a pleasant excursion, Frank! Beautiful little batch of paintings!
My fav of the group is "Morning Palms" for the great color variations in the palm fronds and trunks.

ambera said...

Such a beautiful atmosphere in each. You do haze so well!

Bruce Sherman said...

HiFrank!...."Morning Palms"....very"simply"...beautiful!You nailed that feel of morning light. Glad you were able to get out from under the doom and gloom of the flu scare. Hope that things get back to "normal"...and that the tourist flow returns to Mexico!

Bruce Sherman said...

HiFrank!...."Morning Palms"....very"simply"...beautiful!You nailed that feel of morning light. Glad you were able to get out from under the doom and gloom of the flu scare. Hope that things get back to "normal"...and that the tourist flow returns to Mexico!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Fantastic Frank, the composition and atmosphere of "Evening Mist" is stunning.

Ed Terpening said...

It's great to see the inspiration you've found in new subjects. I know I need that. Wonderful, atmospheric work.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Solveg. yes, the humidity and water in the air was real attractive for me to paint.
The palms one was early morning light, but it was hot already, so you are part right.
That one I pitched is not quite ready yet.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Dean! It was a great trip even though it was short.
I like your beach painting from this week too.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Ambera.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Bruce. Yeah, the doom and gloom was getting to us.
Hoping for a return to normal here soon.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Sheila. It is nice to get a vote for that one. I like the colors in it a lot and think it has potential as inspiration for a larger piece.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Ed, yeah, nice to shake it up once in a while. let my eye look at some different colors and try and capture some different light. I've been working on some studio pieces with the beach inspiration.
How is your painting weekend escape going?

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Beautiful work. You have captured the essence of every scene. Very enjoyable blog. Thank you.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks for the positive comments Joan.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

lots of wonderful color, particularly in the middle one where I would guess there was less mist in the air. Three paintings at the beach is dedication, dude ;)

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Mary. That middle one was early morning, so no, there was not much moisture in the air yet.
I would have gotten a few more, but we were just there two and a half days and I needed to do SOME swimming and playing.