Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Last in Line" 24 x 30

"Last in Line", 24" x 30" oil on canvas, 2008
Private Collection

This is the larger version of "Last in Line" 14 x 18, that I posted in November. I have had this finished for a while but I had not posted it.
I will not be able to post many new paintings this week. Most of my energy will be going into teaching my plein air workshop here in San Miguel. I went out painting yesterday and the weather was great. I'll post what I came up with at a later date. We should have sunny skies in the high 80's all week. Great painting weather.

Detail "Last in Line"


Elizabeth said...

You are a wonderful colorist.
Hope the plein air workshop is fun and productive.
I keep being struck by similarities between the countryside in Mexico and Maroc.
The goat kids are delightful.
Seems like you, me,Constance and Jennifer are the 'go to' people for the doors thing. I am compiling a list and will post on Tuesday.

Colin Page said...

Hey Frank,

The colors in this one really sing. Beautiful painting.

Good luck with the workshop. I'ld love to hear about how it goes. I hope you'll post some stuff on the blog about your experience.

Happy teaching,


Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Elizabeth.

Frank Gardner said...

Thank you Colin. I'll let you know how the workshop goes for sure. Maybe I can post a few things.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,
This one seriously rocks. I love the composition and feeling I get from it.

Jack Riddle said...

Frank--I loved it in November and love it more now. Beautifully composed and lovely rich color. Good luck with the workshop wish I could be there.

Barbara Pask said...

This is really wonderful Frank. The baby is the back is so sweet. Have a great workshop. Barb

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Simon. I appreciate your thoughts.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jack. We went to Patsy's today to paint and she lavished us with awesome food.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Barb. The little lamb is who is "Last in Line".

christine mercer-vernon said...

Hi Frank, this is such a beautiful painting. i am always amazed at how much you make happen with each individual brushstroke. this painting makes me think of spring, which i wish would just hurry up and get here already. great size too!

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Christine. I try to make each stroke count.
Actually, those are fall colors here. Spring is pretty dry.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Frank,
I love everything about this painting, it tells a story.
Your door project is very interesting. I, too, love doors. They can be inviting or not, and always we wonder what is on the other side?
Most important, I'm very sorry for your loss of your good friend, Bill. He sounded like an amazing person. Friendships need nurturing to endure...this one obviously was well tended.

Frank Gardner said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for all of the kind words. I will have to do some catching up on painting blogs this weekend. I have been busy with my workshop and the doors thing and I miss seeing everyone's paintings.

Jason Waskey said...


You really do 'make every stroke count'

Well done.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Jason. I try and make every one count.
I can't say that it always works out that way.

Tama said...

Great work.

Frank Gardner said...

Thanks Tama!